I’m a senior and my football scholarship offer has been pulled. What do I do this late in the recruiting process?

I'm a senior and my football scholarship has been pulled. What do I do this late in the recruiting process?I hate to bring up an article like this because it may force parents to have nightmares when sleeping but this is something that does unfortunately happen to recruits at all levels.  For example, as I mentioned before last Signing Day, a linebacker who had committed to South Carolina had his scholarship offered pulled when his position coach changed schools.  If you were in his shoes, what would you do other than being extremely mad at the world?

Last recruiting season, a lineman took an official visit to the school he had been committed to for six months.  Going into the visit, this recruit assumed that the school would tell him about how they are looking forward to getting him on campus.  Instead, they told him there was no scholarship available right away and he would have to grayshirt.  How what would you do in either of those situations?

Again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be extremely frustrated that you were lied to during the football recruiting process.  With so little time left before Signing Day, it is definitely not going to be easy to find new schools, make visits, and eventually sign with a different program that you like as much or more than the previous school.  But that is the way of life and something that you will need to get past in order to find another outstanding program.  So basically leave out all the anger about the previous school and just be ready to move forward.

The first step I would take, especially if this happened at a major Division I-A (BCS) school, is get the word out to the media.  The sources that I would go include any National Recruiting Experts (Rivals, Scout, ESPN, etc.), the sites of the school that you were committed to, any prep sites that cover your area, and the local newspapers.

That reason that media is important is not to stick it to the previous school that had wronged you.  It is essential because you need to get the word out that you are uncommitted this late in the process as soon as possible.  There is little time to lick your wounds because Signing Day 2011 is getting closer and closer.  Colleges at all levels look at Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and sites along those lines.  They will see that a lineman who had a major Division I scholarship offer is now open in the recruiting process.

If your high school coach had helped you in the process as well, try to get him to make some calls on your behalf.  If you were smart about the football recruiting process and avoided burning bridges, then you can contact the schools that had been recruiting you beforehand.  I have mentioned here before on how important it is to log information about schools that have been recruiting you.  Doing that will make it easy for contact numbers, emails, and things along those lines at this point.

Basically what you will be doing is going through the step of marketing yourself to college coaches for the second time.  What you may have on your side is the fact that a major school had offered you a scholarship.  But that program is in the past and it is important for you to look ahead at what may be coming up in the future.

Chances are that if you committed early enough to a college program, then you didn’t get a highlight tape made.  It may be worth looking into a few options for getting it professionally made.  If you have already gotten the ball rolling, speak with the college coaches about if you need a highlight video.  Some schools may have already offered and may just want to look at full game tape.  That will save you money but make sure to speak with your high school coach about getting full game tape copies made.

Again, it is an unfortunate situation that I would not wish on anyone.  But if you take these steps, you will put yourself in the best situation possible to get a scholarship.  In the second story I mentioned above, the athlete decommitted from the Big 12 school and ended up going to a smaller school that was closer to home.  It is still a big time program that won a bowl game this winter and allows him to see his family more often.  The coach who ended up trying to offer him a grayshirt offer was eventually fired.  Maybe it was karma?

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