Individualized Athletic Recruiting Consulting from the Author of

Individualized Athletic Recruiting Consulting from the Author of Recruiting-101Since June of 2007, Recruiting-101 has been providing athletic recruiting assistance to readers throughout the country.  These daily articles have helped provide readers with the steps needed to earn a scholarship at the college level.  For those who need individualized assistance, the author of Recruiting-101 is here to provide it.  Here is a Q&A about our service:

Why would my family need the individual recruiting consultation?
Even if you read every article on this site, purchased all the e-books, and have bought a number of other recruiting books, there is no doubt that you will still have questions in the back of your mind if you are doing it right.  These questions are something that every parent who is handling the process themselves will have.  Our individualized consultation will answer any questions you have that may be related to the recruiting process.  We can help you continue to put your best foot forward to college coaches in regards to your recruiting profile, website, and highlight video.

What are the benefits of doing the consultation through Recruiting-101?
It is very easy for families to spend thousands of dollars while having professionals handle the process for them.  While that is the way to go for some, Recruiting-101 was started to provide readers with cost effective means to getting a scholarship offer.   Many of those professionals are daily readers of Recruiting-101 and have purchased our e-books.  You will get personalized attention from an author who information has helped many lower their overall costs at the college level.

How exactly does this consultation work?
Consultations will be done over the phone.  We recommend having parents and the athlete involved throughout the entire phone call.  Parents may be the one asking most of the questions but it is very important to have the athlete there and being a part of the process as well.  Since they are the one that will eventually be playing college athletics, they need to have a role in what it takes to help them get recruited.

How much does this service cost?
The costs are $40 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes.  During that time, we will review all materials sent and answer questions about the recruiting process.  Payments are accepted via paypal.

What material will you review during that time frame?
As mentioned before, there are primarily three things that a family will want reviewed.  The first is the recruiting profile.  Does your profile have enough relevant information to catch the eye of a college coach?  Are there things missing?  Do I have too much information included?  The second is the highlight video.  If you provide an online link to this, we will talk about what looks good and bad while watching it during the call.  This should help in regards to what college coaches are looking for.  We will also evaluate the video and give an honest assessment as to what level we feel the athlete can play in college.  This unbiased evaluation is very rare to find and will give you a good idea as to the level you should be focusing your college search on.  The third is a review of the website or online profile of an athlete.  We will give you a breakdown of the website and if you are providing the information that coaches are looking for.

What type of questions can I ask?
You can ask anything related to the recruiting process and athletics.  The purpose of this consultation is to do our best to help educate families.  It is never an easy process so we know that there will be a wide range of questions from moms, dads, and athletes.

Do I need to prepare or give you any material in advance?
The preparation that we request from you is to have your questions ready and know what specific areas you want to learn more about.  For the material that we need, sending your recruiting profile and links to your highlight video/website/online profile will be an important part of this time spent.

Who I will be talking to?
Your family will be spending the entire time frame talking to the sole author of Recruiting-101.  Every article and e-book available on Recruiting-101 has been written by this author.

How do I get started?
Email to setup a time today!

So how exactly have you helped athletes in the past?  These are all from real parents who have used this site and our services in the past:

Wanted to let you know that your program helped my son obtain a basketball scholarship.  He is going to college and without your assistance, this may not have happened.  Thanks again for the information.  The money was well spent.

I just wanted to thank you for making this great site! My daughter just signed her letter of intent to play D-1 basketball at a great college, and I don’t think we could have done it without this site. She is thrilled to be going to a school where she can play her favorite sport, get a good education, feel comfortable in the environment (both on and off the court), and have great friendships with her teammates. The info here is invaluable and I have passed the word on about this site to other athletes, parents, friends and coaches. Thanks again.

I found your website when I googled “Junior Days” because I knew nothing about that and I look forward to my daily message from you. I print out the articles and put them on the kitchen table and I find both my son and my husband reading them so THANK YOU! I talk about your site all the time. On New Years day I had the 2 of them create a file box with files set up for each college to keep track of the communication and had them read your “staying organized” article. 🙂

Thanks for your site it has been a lot of help. I made a highlight video of my son and created a website for him both of which I had never done before. Harvard football wrote him yesterday requesting a highlight video and a game film. Because of your material we were ready with both and can even direct them to his web site. Keep up the good work.

My son is a junior with D1AA offers and high interest from several D1 schools.  Recruiting 101 has been invaluable to our family. We would definitely not be in the position we are in without this web-site and it’s great resources..

I would like to say thank you for your informative web-site. My son Jimmy is playing football at his first choice, DIII school, which is exactly where he wanted to be. We looked forward to receiving your emails each day and utilized many of the strategies that were highlighted. Although your site is geared more toward scholarship players, I still feel that it was helpful to use the information as an additional tool in the process.

Really enjoyed reading this information. I will look for updates. My son is a Junior and has been getting form letters, brochures, and camp invites since he was a freshman. He has also received two handwritten letters from two different schools so your information was really helpful to sort this stuff out. Thanks!

Do you have any other questions?
Email us today at now!

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