Guide to the Athletic Recruiting Process for Parents E-Book Excerpt #2

Guide to the Athletic Recruiting Process for Parents E-BookAfter having published four different e-books since we started running Recruiting-101, there is little doubt that the most popular has been our Guide to the Athletic Recruiting Process for Parents.  This 51-page e-book breaks down the recruiting process at all ages and a very wide range of sports as well.  For only $10, this e-book has been purchased by hundreds of families and is our most comprehensive guide to the recruiting process.  Click here for more information on it but here is a small excerpt from it.  Please consider helping to support the site by purchasing it.

Junior Year – Second Quarter of the School Year
This is a very exciting time for most athletes. Outside of those that play just spring sports, athletes are either finishing up their fall sports and/or kicking off their winter sports. Your child has also been at the school long enough where he or she should be comfortable with the environment and start to be one of the “big” men or women on campus. Their high school careers are also more than halfway over. Before you know it, your child will have their college destination picked out.

For those that have finished up fall sports, now is the time to finalize videos from the last few months. For those that have children playing volleyball, you should be rounding up full game tapes to possibly send out later on. For those with children in football, now is a great time to finish up the highlight videos from the past season. If you did the work ahead of time and made sure that the video was of high quality, then you will be thanking yourself at this juncture. It doesn’t matter if you are doing the video yourself or paying someone to do it; the better footage, the better highlight video.

I would shoot for a goal of having the highlight tape finished and online by the winter holidays. This will give you plenty of opportunity to send out the online link to college coaches as well as hard copies if need be. Some college coaches like to have their hands on the video and watch athletes on a bigger screen so they may request getting the actual highlight video. It may be more expensive in some cases but catering to the college coaches is something that will need to be done in the quest for a college scholarship.

For those with children in fall sports, now is the time to update the recruiting profiles with stats from the junior year. If your family is currently happy with the amount of recruiting interest that your son or daughter is receiving, then you should be emailing college coaches saying that you have a highlight tape and/or full games for them to evaluate your son or daughter. It also wouldn’t hurt at all to attach the updated recruiting profile so that they can see what your child did on the field or the court.

If you are hoping to draw more interest from college coaches at this point, now is a great time to either start or re-start the marketing process of your son or daughter. Once again, this is the time to speak with him or her about what they are interested in finding in a college. It is never going to be easy but talk about their interests, potential majors, levels they hope to play at, and things along that line. This will help the entire family when doing research on colleges that could potentially be good fits at the next level. After doing the research, take the same steps that were talked about before in tracking down coaches at the schools and emailing them information.

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