So was the football recruiting process stressful for athletes?

So was the football recruiting process stressful?Over the past few years, senior football recruits throughout the country have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out where they would be playing at the college level.  And with Signing Day 2011 have just passed, we thought we would quote a number of those players who have been through the visits, the offers, the talks with coaches, and everything to eventually sign with a program.

The question to these recruits was did they think the recruiting process was stressful?  Before getting to these answers, it seems as if the athletes that had a lot of attention and offers felt it was more stressful.  Those that had limited interested seemed to enjoy things overall.  So find out what these athletes thought now!

“It was really stressful because it was winding down and I had no clue what I was going to do. I had narrowed it down a little bit but I couldn’t decide between the two places. I didn’t go a day without thinking about deciding soon. I talked to a different coach from a different school every night. It is so much more relaxing knowing where I’m going. I can chill and not have to worry about it.”

“The calls were pretty stressful because I’m still in school and I have to do school work. I would always get a call right in the middle of a hard math problem. Even if it was just hanging out with friends going to a basketball game, a lot of times I didn’t want to go do stuff because I had to talk to coaches.”

“It is a big relief to know that it is done and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. More importantly, I am happy with it. I’m not anxious about it; I’m excited to play for Air Force next year. At the end of the day, I’m really excited it is over and I know where I’m going.”

“It wasn’t really stressful. Coming off of the season that me and my team had, I knew I was going to play college football. I basically was just patient and let everything fall in place.”

“Not really. I just kind of let whatever was going to happen happen. I ended up being in a good situation where I found a place I really wanted to be at.”

“Early on, it is not that stressful because it is cool to see all the schools that want to talk to you. When it comes down to decision time, it is definitely hard on you. You never know exactly what is perfect for you. You just have to take the best guess you can and hope it works out.”

“It was kind of stressful to decide where you’ll be the next four years. It is something I’ll look back on and be grateful for because not many people get to do that.  It was calling the other coaches and telling them I committed. I had a pretty good relationship with them and had bonded with them so it was tough telling them you committed to another school.”

“Not really. I enjoy getting phone calls.”

“It kind of was in making your decision. There are a lot of schools that want you to take visits. You have pick schools that you want to take visits to.”

“I wouldn’t say that it is stressful but once it is over, it would be a relief. I think it is probably just talking to so many coaches. It is not like where it is a decision between good and bad. That is an easy decision. It is hard because there are so many good options. There are so many good things about every place. You think about this place one day and the next day another college. Then your mind is all over the place.”

“No, not really. I figure it is something I still have some time with. I am worrying about it but I am just thinking that other schools might be coming. I can’t make a decision yet.”

“Just being on the road, trying to visit these places, and staying up late talking to coaches is. There is no rest for the weary. It is hectic but it is pretty fun.”

“It has been somewhat stressful and there have been a lot of surprises. I have had two coaches come in everyday to the school for the last week to visit. It has been really fun overall.”

“At times but most of the time it has been fun and exciting. Sometimes it has been. It is a lot different but I think it is a good experience. I get at least (One call) every night. It is usually two to three but it depends. Some are for only five to ten minutes while others are thirty minutes. It is usually not too long. They understand that they don’t want to keep bugging me so it is usually good.”

“It has its days but the overall process has come out real good. It can be stressful but once you get offered, it is all worth it. Sometimes it is the calls that are stressful. Everyone wants an answer or has a reason why you should go there. Comparing the information is stressful.”

“I wouldn’t say it is stressful. I am enjoying it a lot right now. I am just trying to go out and have fun with it. We will see what happens. I am getting about one call a night. Each school calls on a particular day so it is usually one or so.”

“It is a different experience but it is not really stressful. It puts a lot to think about on your mind. There is a lot to think about. I probably get three phone calls a day. Some are thirty minutes to an hour but some are ten minutes. The average is probably fifteen minutes.”

“Not until December. It gets kind of long having coaches call a couple times a night. Recently it has been. I get anywhere from one to three calls. They usually last five to twenty minutes.”

“At times it has been. Then at other times it has been great. The two visits I went on were memorable and I will never forget either. The most stressful part was not knowing where I wanted to go because I wanted to get it over and done. Now I can hit the weights and get ready for next year.”

Good luck to those younger athletes about to start the process!  The good news is that having a resource like Recruiting-101 can help you do it yourself.  And for those seniors, congratulations on Signing Day 2011!

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