How to use Rivals, Scout, ESPN, 24/7 Sports, and the local media to help yourself throughout the football recruiting process

How to use Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and the local media to help yourself throughout the football recruiting processBefore going into the meat of the article, please see the older articles where I talked about getting your profile added to each site: | | ESPN Scouts Inc. Because having a profile on each and everyone of these sites is 100% free (there are no fees for adding video or doing this and that), there is no reason not to try and get one.  Make sure you have legitimate Division I interest (if you are lying they will find out) before doing so as well as solid varsity stats.

So you are a football recruit who has marketed himself to college coaches, has Division I interest from a wide variety of schools, and has been following the advice that Recruiting-101 has offered in terms of marketing yourself.  I do believe, even with my bias, that you are in a good position in order to be evaluated by college coaches.  But you can help yourself even more by using sites like Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and 24/7 Sports even more so to your advantage.

The first thing you must find is a “guy” with access to updating and changes information within the databases of all these sites.  It will be easier to find someone at Scout, Rivals, and 24/7 Sports simply because these are nation wide networks with writers in basically every state.  ESPN on the other hand has a few select people working and it is nearly impossible to find much contact information.  Trust me, I have tried before.

This “guy” may be the one who helped set you up with a profile on the site.  In trying to find him, the key is that he must have access to that database in order to help you throughout the process.  You can look at the sites and try to find a high school site (my guess is that less high school writers will have database access) or a college site of a school that is recruiting you.  The more interest the school genuinely has in you, the more likely the writer at the college site will help you along.

I must state that you should not use this “guy” to help you get recruiting interest and hopefully offers then suddenly decide to go in media hibernation.  I have seen it happen frequently and it is very annoying.  In my opinion, it does not show very good character of an athlete or their family to use someone to help them and then suddenly not call them back.  This is the type of person who should be breaking your commitment because they helped you along in the process.  Keep that in mind Class of 2012.

So this “guy” should be able to provide you information with getting your video posted on the different sites.  Since he has access to the holy grail of recruiting databases, he should also know how to get your video in the hands of the right people as well as help push it along to get cut.  There is no reason why you should not try hard to get your video highlights posted on any of these sites.  I know for a 100% fact that the majority of Division I college coaches use these sites so having your video attached to your profile cannot hurt you.  The only way it may not help is if the video shows a college coach you can’t play.  However, the coach will figure that out anyway down the road.

Once the video is done, see if you can email him updates every month or so with regards to the schools recruiting you in your profile as well as your height/weight/bench/etc.  Make sure you are not annoying him because your guy may go into hibernation of you if you keep bugging him about the fact that you gained two pounds last week.

Make sure your “guy” knows all about your unofficial visits and especially, let me bold this, make sure he knows if you get any scholarship offers.  The more people that know about scholarship offers, the better things will be for you in the recruiting process.  If a rival college coach knows that you have been offered, they will look more at your highlights (possibly on Rivals or Scout) and think much harder about offering.  Remember, scholarships breed scholarships.  You need to be using all of these sites as well as the local media (find a prep writer in your area) to broadcast your recruiting attention.  Again, attention is one thing.

Be positive that these media members are 100% aware of the fact that you have been offered.  Make sure your “guy” has updated your profile with this new scholarship offer.  And if more come, let him know as well.  If a ton of scholarship offers come in, I am willing to bet there are going to be a lot more people in the media willing to be your “guy” now.  Use these writers to help get the word out about your visits and offers, but when it comes down to it, make sure to be loyal to the media members that helped you through the process.

There is no doubt that these sites can be a huge help to the football recruiting process.  So while you may be busy marketing yourself to college coaches, think about what media members can help you throughout the process.  It may be ESPN, Rivals, Scout, or the local newspapers.  But in the end, their time helping you can pay off big down the road.

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