Craziest things I have heard from parents during the athletic recruiting process

Craziest things I have heard from parents throughout the athletic recruiting processI have spent a great deal of time covering recruiting over the past decade for a wide variety of publications and websites.  There is no doubt that one of the most interesting things that I receive from a day to day basis is emails from parents.  Some are fantastic about the recruiting process and realize that they don’t know much.  Others have no clue but feel that their son/daughter is get screwed due to their lack of scholarships.

With this in mind, I have put together a list of some of the craziest, most absurd things you can ever imagine hearing from parents.  And for those out there reading this, please do not pull any of this crap.  It makes myself and those in the media think extremely low about you.  Instead of acting like a child, sending a rational email would probably be a great way to start.  So for those wanting some amusement, continue reading.

I was told that if I posted the quotes from their son, they would sue me because it would wrecked everything that they had worked on with the football recruiting process over the last two years.

Tie at the top
One of the most interesting parents I ever dealt with told me that having her son ranked #1 in their state (and being tied with another athlete) was a disservice to the other player.  Her son was much better than I was giving him credit for, despite being tied at #1.

Wanting more
When the son of the above parent committed to a school, I got an immediate email asking why there was no article on the subject.  For the record, this email did not prompt me to do an interview.

Top player around
When the year ended and there was a player of the year awarded, my all time parent of the century was once again emailing me about this and making the case for her.  I was extremely disappointed to see her son graduate and thus the emails have stopped.

Big time
About a year ago, a parent emailed me comparing his son to a former player at their high school.  Each played linebacker.  The previous player was the best defensive player I have ever seen at the high school level and the only one I have ever seen dominate a prep game from that side of the ball.  He was recently named All Conference in a BCS Division I football conference.  The dad who emailed me recently had his son sign with a small Division II school.

Missing athletes
After not having their son ranked, I received an email telling me about how I had no credibility because of one player missed.  Let me stress to those out there reading this that saying anything like that is the absolute last thing you should do if you want your son ranked.

Repeated emails
This shockingly was from an athlete.  He has a big frame so he does have the potential to play college football.  But after no postseason honors as a junior, he continued to email me over and over and over again about an article on the site.  Once the article was eventually done, the emails kept coming and coming about other random recruiting stuff.  Some people just need to stop.

Lack of All State mention
One parent claimed the reason that I didn’t have their son on an All State team was because they weren’t signed up for the service.

Taking offense
When an athlete accepted an offer from a school where he was going to pay the first year and be on scholarship the following four, his parent was not happy that I said he was not officially signing with the school.  The college he ended up at sent him something to sign, which basically meant nothing because promises like these are not binding.

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