How does a bad economy factor during the athletic recruiting process?

How does the poor economy factor in to the athletic recruiting process?If you read CNN or watch the nightly news, there is no doubt that you have heard first hand about how the economy is still struggling to bounce back.  It is almost a perfect storm of bad news for the economy.  But how does this bad news factor in to the athletic recruiting process?

As seen with the many major college football programs and the millions of dollars that they spend on assistant football coaches, this is likely not going to be having a factor at all at the major Division I level.  What it will factor in on is the smaller schools who will be going through a budget crunch.  They will have less money for recruiting and coaches.  But for families out there who are either going through the recruiting process or are about to start, how will it effect you?

With less money from your parents to help pay for college, that means you can just take out more loans.  That is a problem as well because there is a credit crunch as banks are being a lot more stingier as to who they loan money to.  They may have loaned out $20,000 to you a year ago but that number has dwindled as well.

It will also be difficult for families who have an adult lose their jobs.  While there may be more time for researching colleges, there will be much less money for college visits.  While these trips are important, being able to pay for the roof over your head and for food takes a much bigger priority here.  The same can be said about getting a highlight video done or going to camps.

So I have looked at a number of different bad things to look for with the economy.  There are a few things to think about with how the economy is now.  It may be smart to take a year or two and go to a Junior College in order to save money.  You should be able to play the sport you love there as well.  This will avoid paying big bucks for four years of college.

If that is not what you want to do, then the you need to get your act in gear in searching for a scholarship.  You will need to research schools near and far.  While they may not have the ideal location, if they have what you are looking for in athletics and academics, you may not come home as often but it could help save your parents a lot of money overall for your college education.

If it is not athletic scholarships, you should be looking into academic and independent scholarships.  These will help offset a pricey college and make it easier for you and your family to afford.  Again, student loans may not be the greatest route but it is definitely worth taking these out as opposed to not getting an education.

For those high schoolers out there who are reading about how the economy, there is no doubt that things are not going great.  But the good news is that the economy has four years to turn around before you graduate and look for a full time job.  You just need to do all the things in your power to pull your weight with scholarships both athletically and academically.  It will be a huge help to your parents and family overall.  So get out there and start looking!

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