How to finish the evaluation period strong and make your final decision on camps during the football recruiting process

How to finish the evaluation period strong and decide on camps during the football recruiting processThe May evaluation period has flown by and once June hits, that means college football coaches will not be able to contact you with phone calls and visits until the fall.  You will still be able to call them, attend their camps, receive letters, and email with them but the evaluation period will be closed until September 1st.

So with that in mind, it is important that you do everything you can to finish the spring evaluation period strong.  So what can I do to accomplish that?  Here are a few things to think in regards to this and the upcoming football recruiting camp circuit.

In all of these situations that I will be speaking about, I am going to hypothetically say that you received calls from multiple college coaches and had many assistant coaches stop by your high school as well.  If you received zero calls (the most important indicator of serious recruiting interest at this point outside of a scholarship offer), I hate to say this but you need to start over at square one.  Go back to The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer and start the marketing process once again.  Chances are very, very, very, very slim (this needs to be stressed) that you will get an offer if a school doesn’t call.  While I may be saying there is a chance, the ship has likely sailed for that program.

Now going back to more a more positive spin, if you had been logging the interest from college coaches, you should have a great feel as to which college coaches stopped by the high school as well as which ones called.  While some coaches do wait until the end of the month to call, you need to think seriously about if their interest is genuine in you or not.  If a college coach called and came to the school, then they mean business and really want to see you at their camp.  If they stopped by the high school and made sure to give you a camp invite (which is worth as much in the recruiting process as the paper it has been printed on), then don’t waste your time.  They are trying to boast camp numbers rather than seriously look at your abilities.

If you really want to put your best foot forward overall, what you can do is log the coaches that visit the high school/call you.  After finish speaking with them, look up their contact information on their athletic website and send them a thank you email.  If you have not already sent your profile and a video link, you definitely should do so.  Thank them for stopping by the school and taking the time to evaluate you.  While it may not be a sure fire way to a scholarship, the number of athletes who do this have to be miniscule (my guess is that they may think it is the parents doing it).

I have talked about how the recruiting process should be compared to a job interview.  Many recommend that you send a thank you letter following interviews.  While this may not be as serious as a full fledged job interview, there is no doubt that a coach will likely remember the small amount of athletes who send a thank you email/card following the visit.

Hopefully by now you have made a recruiting highlight video.  If not, this is something you honestly need to take care of as soon as possible (see for more).  The reason is simple.  College coaches do not have the time and patience to be watching a full football game.  They usually either want a prospect to have a scholarship offer from another school or they want to be wowed on the highlight video before watching the full game.

If you have a recruiting highlight video, do what you can to find a way to make a profile online and upload your video.  Being able to send a link to a college coach, regardless of what it is at, is something that is a huge time saver.  If they think you can’t play from the online highlights, it at least saves you time and money involved with sending it.

Try to speak with your high school coach about where you stand with the schools that visited.  Hopefully you have developed a solid relationship with your own coach at this time.  It should allow you to speak with him openly about the college coaches and what they think about your ability.  Your coach should have some great insight overall.

Outside of that and finalizing your summer camps, the key is to continue working hard and prepping yourself mentally and physical for an exhausting few weeks.  The camp circuit is not easy so preparation and finding time to rest is key.  Hopefully you will do well enough at those camps that the football recruiting process will take care of itself.

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