What should I do when my highlight video isn’t coming through from a company that I already paid?

What should I do when my highlight video isn't coming through from a company that I already paid?This is a reprint of an older article.  It is something to remember when going through the process that you still need to be careful even with a field like highlight videos.

I recently was told a very sad story regarding a family and their journey through the recruiting process.  The father of an athlete was doing all the things right early on.  He had a company design a website for his son and was expecting the same people to put together his recruiting highlight video.  This was all started shortly after his junior year of football so he was doing it in great timing.

And despite having already paid for the video to be made, the company that he hired continues to drop the ball and give him the run around.  It has gotten to the point where this father is looking at other companies to get a video made because he has been so frustrated.  This unfortunately does happen where you pay someone to make a highlight video or a promise from a friend never comes.  So what do you do?

First, I am going to start with using a professional company.  There are definitely a few things that you can do so you are not frustrated with a lack of video.  The first is to check references.  Obviously any company is going to give you the best references but just ask them about the turn around time and if any problems persisted.  This may take an hour to go through but is worth taking the time to find more about the company you are using.

If you are doing multiple projects (highlight video, website, and anything else), try to stagger the payments.  Pay them for the highlight video first and then once that is complete, send the check for the website.  This is a great way to avoid having troubles with certain areas of the recruiting process that need to be done.  This father I mentioned did everything right and he got a raw deal by the company.  That is what is frustrating in my eyes.

One thing that I sometimes do when researching companies is find out more information about their website and how long has it been around.  For a highlight video company, they should have an excellent product with multiple samples of their work.  You can also look into the Better Business Bureau for bigger companies to see if there have been any complaints filed against them.

With a lot of these things, you are taking a risk.  But if you do some research, look into references, and ask around for recommendations, you should be covering all your bases.  I will let you know before that this is a plug but one company that I have seen produce a good product time and time against is www.Highlight-Videos.com.  This may be something to look into for those lost in the search for a highlight video.

What about when a coach/friend promises a highlight video and never comes through?  This is really difficult and something I have talked about before.  Trusting someone who has done the job multiple times before and has the time to do it again is fine.  But there are lots of people who have software on their computer and think they can do it.  Usually this situation ends up either not getting done or having a poor final product that requires more attention.

The entire athletic recruiting process is like you searching for a job.  The in-person interview can be compared to the highlight video.  For a job interview, would you dress sloppy and not be professional?  College coaches may think exactly that with a poorly done highlight tape.  That family friend may save you a few hundred dollars up front but a professionally finished video can help garner some major scholarship dollars if the athlete is good enough (even the greatest video cannot cover up a terrible player).

Anyways, going back to this question, if someone promises you that they can get it done, look into anything that they have done before.  Talk to other players who have used them and how it went.  I do know certain high schools that have family members do a fantastic job on highlight videos.  But that isn’t always the case.  So if you are promised something and not confident about the final product, start searching for professional companies online and in your area that can help you.  This is a great backup plan to know what options are available.

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