Striking while the iron is hot throughout the athletic recruiting process

Striking while the iron is hot during the recruiting processBecause of the busy schedules that people lead these days, it is never easy to stay on top of everything.  Lets say that for example you as a parent have been missing work because you have been following your son or daughter during the current season.  In the end, their team wins the State title and your child is the main reason why it happened.  Now is as good of a time as any to strike while the iron is hot.

What I mean by that is after really excelling and getting their name in the paper throughout the State, now is the time to try and market your child to the college coaches.  In many cases, these coaches should have heard of your child by either attending State or speaking with someone who was there.  And despite how busy you are going to be when getting back to the normal routine as a parent, now is a great time to take advantage of the recent publicity.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter much what age you are.  If you help the varsity team to a State title in any sports, regardless if you are a freshman or a senior, now is a great “in” to college coaches.  Even at the lowest levels in all sports, college coaches of this chosen sport should be very aware of the outcome and who did well.  If you market your child to that school, it should hopefully be fresh on their mind and that can only help things during the recruiting process.

If you instead decide to take your time and wait a few months, the college coaches may not be as receptive because they are focusing on other prospects.  As I have mentioned here before, the earlier you can start (Which means the athlete has to excel at the varsity level first), the better it will be for the recruiting process.  That doesn’t mean offers will certainly come if you start the recruiting process as a sophomore.  It does put you in a better chance the earlier you start the recruiting process.

If given the chance, take advantage of the season that your son or daughter had.  Make sure to include stats and possibly newspaper clippings of the accomplishments.  The percentage of athletes who end up winning a State title in their sport is extremely small.  That is why you need to make sure that college coaches are aware of these accomplishments.

I have mentioned before that doing well at the State tournament will help you in the recruiting process.  But if you do well there, and then take the recruiting process under control yourself, it can only help things get better.  So again, do what you can to strike while the iron is still hot after an impressive season in football, basketball, volleyball, or whatever sport that your child excels at.

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