My football highlight recruiting video: What positions must be highlighted to help in the eyes of college coaches?

My football highlight recruiting video: What positions must be highlighted?I have always stressed the importance of making a highlight video during the football recruiting process where you are marked/highlighted early in each play so that the college coach knows where you are at.  This allows them to watch you shed a block, juke a tackler, or basically do something great and know exactly where you are at on the field.

But in my opinion, I wouldn’t say that every single position has to be highlighted/marked on the tape.  Most college coaches are smart enough, if the video is labeled properly, where a quarterback is at on the field.  It is pretty obvious.  So here are my rankings of what positions must be highlighted and others where it is not that important.

Before going into this list, let me say that marking an athlete on the field, regardless of the position, is not a bad thing.  It allows the college coach to get a feel for where the athlete, even if it is obvious.  This will allow no second guessing at anytime.  So if you have the ability to highlight the athlete, do it.  Onto the positions that need it the most.

Offensive Line/Tight End when blocking
The only reason not to do this for lineman is if the player is 6-foot-8, 295 pounds.  This is a must to get a scholarship offer.

Linebackers are all over the field so expecting college coaches to figure out where you are at is not easy for them.

Defensive Tackle
Finding a defensive tackle on the field is not easy to marking yourself definitely helps.

Defensive End
Read above for tackle.  End is a little easier to stop.

Defensive Back/Safety/Wide Receiver/Tight End when receiving
While these positions are on different sides of the ball, it is difficult to mark them early because the camera usually stays with the quarterback/running back while you are going into coverage.  Try to mark yourself as soon as you get on screen.

Running Back/Quarterback/Long Snapper/Punter/Kicker
Another area that is pretty obvious.  What I would do to help this is to make 100% sure that you are just showing plays at quarterback or any of the other positions.  If you don’t mark yourself and you are showing plays of you offensively and defensively, college coaches will be clueless as to what is going on.

Do you have to get a professional highlight video done where you are marked on the plays?  The answer is no and I have actually seen two football lineman recruits in the Class of 2011 get multiple scholarships without marking themselves on that highlight tape.  However, each of these athletes is 6-foot-7, 260 pounds and can move well.

The reason to mark/highlight yourself on the tape is to leave no doubt in the mind of college coaches where you are on the video.  If they are rewinding and pausing trying to figure it out, unless you have other scholarship offers or are a physical specimen, how long do you honestly think they will look for you on the video?  Think about that long and hard before just piecing together a tape without the highlighting portion (need your highlight video marked/highlighted?  Visit for more).

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