How do I get a Recruiting Profile and how can I get video added to my database profile?

How do I get a Recruiting Profile?As the largest website that covers prep athletics, has a database that includes some of the best athletes throughout the country in a number of different sports.  And while it is not the only site doing this, college coaches do look at the database and may use it to find names to add to their prospective recruiting list.  Having video under your profile also allows coaches to see highlights quickly and early on.

While it is not a make or break in the recruiting process, it is a nice addition to your recruiting resume to have your profile in that top prospect database.  At the very least, it is not going to hurt anything if you submit proper information and keep them updated.  But the question is how do you get a Recruiting Profile?

the one thing that I have noticed between Rivals and Scout is is that keeps their more accurate and up to date.  And depending on who you speak with, it may actually be tougher to get added to the database.

Let me mention that before you try this, I would recommend having some solid stats and Division I interest to back up your claim of how good of a player you are.  Chances are that if you should be listed in that database, then you definitely should have at least a minor amount of interest from schools at the Division I level.

The first place I would recommend is find a contact page for the staff of their national recruiting site.  That is usually the first and best way to find someone who has access to adding and updating players in the database.  When doing this, you will need to be patient because these analysts do get a lot of similar requests from other athletes.  And if you wait a week and don’t hear back/are not listed in the database, then it is time to move on to someone else.

If you have the Division I attention and the stats, you might as well keep emailing them until someone responds to you.  Again, there is no reason not to get listed in this database because it will help you with colleges and potential articles from in the future.

For football, here is the link to the contact page (Click Here) but here are all of their names, email addresses, and phone numbers (I cannot guarantee how updated these are):

College Sports Editor e-mail Phone
Mike Huguenin 615-507-1000

National Recruiting Experts e-mail Phone
Derek Samson, Assistant Managing Editor 615-507-1006
Chad Carson, Recruiting Editor 615-507-1041
Mike Farrell, National Analyst 860-965-9518
Brian Perroni, Texas/Midlands Analyst 832-465-0292
Chris Nee, Florida Analyst 850-980-3510
Keith Niebuhr, Southeast Analyst 813-732-2702
Adam Gorney, West Coast Analyst 843-655-4190

SEC e-mail Phone
Greg Ladky, SEC Producer 414-526-9144

Big Ten e-mail Phone
Mike Gennaria, Big Ten Producer 513-641-9236

Big 12 e-mail Phone
Brian Perroni, Big 12 Analyst 832-465-0292
Al Balderas, Big 12 Producer 714-654-4096

ACC e-mail Phone
Mike Farrell, ACC Analyst 860-965-9518
Mike Gennaria, ACC Producer 513-641-9236

Pac-10 e-mail Phone
Adam Gorney, Pac-12 Analyst 843-655-4190
Al Balderas, Pac-12 Producer 714-654-4096

Big East e-mail Phone
Mike Farrell, Big East Analyst 860-965-9518
Greg Ladky, Big East Producer 414-526-9144

Are you a basketball player interested in getting added to the database as well?  Click here for the bio page or contact one of these four experts:

National Experts e-mail Phone
Jerry Meyer, National Analyst 615-351-6409
Eric Bossi, National Analyst 913-706-4896
Derek Samson, Assistant Managing Editor
Chad Carson, Recruiting Editor 615-507-1041

Also here are the contacts listed under high school sports.

Dallas Jackson, National Analyst 615-507-1040
Tom Bergeron, Senior Editor 615-507-1029
Carla Swank, Editor 615-507-1059

When emailing these experts, ask them about getting a profile in the database.  The next step after they set it up is to ask them where you need to send your video to be included.

One last final note.  Please do not contact multiple people on this list asking them to add you.  Find one that would be considered in your area and write an email introducing yourself.  You may also want to include your recruiting profile as well.

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