The importance of keeping track of your contact with college coaches during the athletic recruiting process

Keeping track of your contact with college coachesWith football coaches having been legally able to call in May and now college basketball coaches having the opportunity at all levels, hopefully that means you are busy daily on the phone speaking with these coaches.  While at times it can be a huge burden and get old rather quickly but you must realize that the more calls you are getting, the more interested college coaches are during the recruiting process in your chosen sport.

An advantage you can have during the calls is to take notes and keep track of the which coach called and which school he or she was from.  For example, if three schools called, you can make a notation that they called, what you talked about, and how long the call lasted.  Even for the most unorganized 17-old year, this is something worth doing.

The first question is why should I bother keeping track of this?  When the recruiting process eventually heats up, this could give you a good sign of how much interest each school recruiting you has shown.  There may be one school that has stuck with you since day and you may reward them for their loyalty by going to that school.

While you are speaking with the coach this time, you can go back through the records and see what you discussed previously.  If they mentioned that they wanted you to visit and you did nothing to move ahead with that trip, then at least you know they will be asking again.  These notes will be an advantage when talking about serious issues like scholarships, schooling, population of the school, the city, and many other things.

If you take detailed notes when coaches do try to answer your questions, it really can help when you and your family are sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out where you want to play athletics in college.  You can pull that out and talk about the graduation rate, the professional players that the school has produced, and so many other areas that come in handy if you take the time to take the notes.

Another reason to take notes is that it keeps your mind focused on the conversation.  Some recruits decide that they want to watch television, play video games, or use the computer while a college coach is calling.  But if you are taking specific notes that pertain to the conversation, it will show that your mind is completely immersed into the conversation.

An easy option to do if you want to start keeping track of recruiting calls is by using an ordinary notebook that you can buy at Wal-Mart.  The important things to keep track are who the coach is, what school they are from, and what you talk about during that time period.  If you are a detailed oriented person and want some questions answered, you may take up a few pages with notes.

Most college coaches usually end up asking all the questions because it is like pulling teeth to talk to some kids because they are either nervous or cannot communicate very well at their youthful age.  I can imagine what a pleasure it would have been speaking with me regarding high school and my life experiences when I was 17-years old.

Another option to consider is start having a manila file folder for each school that is recruiting you.  In that file, you can keep mail, emails that you print, and notes from telephone calls.  Once you visit the school, you can take the folder with and compare it to things around the campus.  All in all, there is no reason why you can’t invest the $1 to buy a notebook and to follow who has been calling you.  In the long run, it can be a big benefit to you when that time to make a final decision comes.

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