What role should my high school coach play during the athletic recruiting process? Part Two

role your high school coach play in the athletic recruiting process?One thing that you will definitely want to speak to your high school coach about is sending game tapes and highlight tapes.  Honestly, not all coaches have the time to keep track of where to send highlight tapes and where to send game tapes.  That is why it is vital for you to talk to your coach about it.

The first area to discuss is regarding the creation of your highlight video.  Some coaches are willing to produce them for the athlete and doing that would help save them a great deal of money during the process.  You must make sure that they are able to product a quality highlight video in order to send out to colleges.  If the coach does one that is not very good, it is worth investing a few hundred dollars into getting one professionally made.

If the plan is to handle the highlight video yourself, you must also speak with the coach about getting your hands on copies of the game tape.  Some coaches burn all games on DVD and have great organization of their videos.  Others will have a pile of tapes in a number of different spots that has no organization whatsoever.  Hopefully having a conversation with the coach beforehand will help them remember that you need a few game tapes.

If the quality of the tape is poor, you need to look into having your parents video tape the games themselves or hiring it out.  At the very least, you need to make sure that there is good footage to be able to work with on the highlight video.  Even the most expensive video production teams can only do so much about a poor game video.

Once you have the highlight video planned out, you also need to speak with the coach about who is going to forward them to college coaches.  If you feel better doing it yourself, than you may want to ask your high school coach to forward all requests for tapes.  That means if you are organized, you can handle it yourself.  I myself have requested many tapes from coaches but usually only see a few come my way just because how busy the coach is.

You will also need to talk to your prep coach about what he or she has done in the past about preparing athletes for playing college at a high level.  They may recommend extra workouts and doing different things to make you better.  And again, if you want to play at that level, this extra workload is something that you must be excited about it.  If you are going to go through the motions during it, don’t waste everyone’s time.

Another important thing a high school coach can do about you is follow up after sending video highlights.  For example, Division I coaches will take the word of a high school coach because they don’t want to burn that bridge.  If you personally sent a highlight tape two weeks ago, see if your high school coach will call an assistant coach at the school and see if they have watched it yet.

Your high school coach can also call college coaches or email them about you as a player.  This sometimes just depends on their connections and if they have sent any previous players to the Division I level.

If you have your prep coach on your side during the recruiting process, it can be a huge advantage for you.  While it does not mean a scholarship is in the bag, it does put someone else in your corner that could help you in the eyes of college coaches.  Most coaches at the next level do believe what a prep coach has to say and will take that into account during the recruiting process.

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