New E-Book Available: How Seniors Can Finish the Football Recruiting Process Strong

As the top source of free recruiting help and advice for football, basketball, and baseball on the Internet, Recruiting-101 has been here to help readers since June of 2007 during their own personal journey for their future college. And the main reason that this site was started was because we felt that we could help readers during this difficult time and drastically reduce the costs.

Because of the amount of tools and information available in books and throughout the web, many families can handle the recruiting process themselves. This journey can be done by those families that are willing to put time and effort into learning more about the recruiting journey.  Our three previous e-books have helped paved the way to scholarships and have been purchased by hundreds and soon to be thousands of families throughout the country.

Recruiting-101 has put together a complete guide for senior football recruits to follow.  It begins in August of your senior year and ends in February.  This 26-page e-book has specific advice about what a football recruit should be doing in order finish the recruiting process strong in order to land scholarship offers.  From summer to Signing Day, there is no resource like this anywhere else.

We have broken it down month by month include specific advice regarding August, September, October, November, December, January, and February.  Each month has different areas that you should be focusing on.  We also talk about what you should be expecting from college coaches and how to tell if their interest in you is genuine.

Because of the time we have put in, we will be selling this product. However, costs are an important issue for many readers out there so we have kept it as low as possible. That means From Summer to Signing Day: How Seniors Can Finish the Football Recruiting Process Strong is on sale for $10.00. Considering how much money families pour into the recruiting process (trips, recruiting services, highlight videos, etc.), this is a small sum that will help you. It is also your way to help support this site. Click the Buy Now link below to make the purchase via PayPal and E-Junkie:

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This really is the most in-depth break down we have written regarding the football recruiting process for seniors.  The summer, fall, and winter months are essential in the evaluation process in the chase to be evaluated and to earn a scholarship offer.  That is why handling things the properly and knowing what to do with the attention is vital.

At only $10.00, this is a inexpensive way to give yourself a better feel for what to expect in as a senior football recruit while also helping support Recruiting-101 at the same time. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Follow the Buy Now link to purchase it now. Once payment is complete, we will email you the e-book.

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