How do you know that the college coach you signed with will stay at the school?

How do you know that the college coach will stay at the school you sign with for athletics?The NCAA National Letter of Intent that you sign to accept a scholarship offer makes sure to include a part that talks about you are signing with the school and not the coach.  I think the main reason that this is included is because when coaches leave, the school can hold the athlete hostage and basically force them to go to that school (Unless of course they want to go prep school/junior college, which many do not want to do).

And while this NLI may say that, the truth is that the head coach and the assistant coaches are a huge factor in what school you pick.  They are the ones that you bond with during the football recruiting process or basketball recruiting process.  They take you on tours around the campus, call all the time, and that relationship is huge in the recruiting process.  But how can you tell if a coach is going to stay at your school during your four or five years there?

If you are at a bigger school, you can check the web and be able to find that information in an article in the local newspaper.  If you look for Jim Tressel at Ohio State, I did a quick search and found out that he signed an extension in 2005 that runs through 2012.  How exactly did that work out with all of the violations that have come out in recent months?  Your son may have signed with the Buckeyes in February of 2011 and assumed he’d be around but you can never predict what can happen.

Another source you can check the web for is rumors about a coach possibly wanting to go to the NFL or a bigger school.  There are many up and coming coaches that will get a chance to coach at a bigger school.  It is smart to look into the rumor mills both for coaches who are on their way up and on their way out the door.

While rumors are not everything in the recruiting process (Other coaches may use negative recruiting), the phrase where there is smoke, there is fire holds true here.  If there are rumors every year about a coach leaving or moving on to another program, there is a good chance that it will happen.  Some coaches will not want to move their family if the kids are in high school.  Outside of that, most coaches don’t care so they would be willing to move at a drop of a hat.  It happens all of the time.

On the other side of this discussion is if a coach might get fired.  Again, search the web to see what you can come up with the length of their contract.  If it is ending soon, there is a great deal of pressure on them to win, and they are struggling, chances are high that the coach may not be there when everything is said and done.

Honestly, it is hard to figure out which coaches will leave one a better offer comes.  Some coaches will realize that they have a great job where they have done so well that there is little pressure on them (see Mark Few, Gonzaga).  If they moved to the SEC or Big 12, things are going to get much more difficult.  Other coaches will have one good year and run to the money.

The best thing is to talk to the coaches about it yourself.  While they may feed you some lines about never being able to predict the future, it is important to play for a coach that you respect.  In some ways, your coach is like a father away from home.  He is the one keeping an eye on you so it is essential to have a good relationship with them and hopefully play for them for four or five years.

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