10 Things You Should Never Say to a College Coach

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1.     “Why haven’t you offered me yet?”
Don’t back the coach into a corner, especially if he doesn’t have all the info he needs on you.

2.     “How much scholarship money can you give me?”
There is an appropriate way to ask this question. First off, it should NEVER be asked during your initial conversations with a coach. After you have built a relationship with a college coach and know he/she is interested in recruiting you, then you can ask about scholarship opportunities and financial aid at their school. You might even reference the other offers you have on the table, but do this in a tasteful manner so you don’t turn off the coach.

3.     “How many decommits have you had?”
This is a very sensitive subject and you should avoid it completely. 99% of colleges consider verbal commitments just like a legal contract except that it is not. It is basically making a promise and breaking it. Don’t commit unless you are ready to shut down your recruiting.

4.     “To Whom it May Concern”
This is not a good way to start off a letter. The coach is going to see this and toss your letter without reading anything else. You should address the letter to a specific coach. Do you research and find out the coach’s name at the college you are writing to.

5.     “I don’t like my high school coach.”
Having a bad relationship with any of your current coaches is reflected poorly on you and your ability to get along with people. Future potential college coaches do not care what your current coach did to make you dislike them, so avoid this subject altogether.

6.     “I’m sorry for being late.”
Instead, don’t be late!

7.     “My dream school is (name of another college).”
This doesn’t show a coach that you are open to options…or are even interested in their school.

8.     “I’ll play anywhere.”
Contrary to #7, this statement is just as bad! While it’s great to keep your options open, you want to show each coach that their school is at the top of your list for academic and athletic reasons. Do your research and make it seem like that school is a good fit for you.

9.     “I can’t”

10.   “I don’t know”

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