Junior Football Recruiting Packages Q&A

Why should I buy either of these recruiting packages?
Recruiting-101 has been proving readers with daily articles since 2007 about how to be evaluated by college coaches and earn a college scholarship.  Our site has a proven track record and these packages are our most extensive dive into the recruiting process to date.  Following the information included along with what we write daily on our site will give you the best opportunity to have part or all of your college education paid for through football.

Will these packages help me to earn a scholarship?
While we cannot guarantee a scholarship, what we can guarantee is that these packages will help increase your recruiting attention.  If the athlete is good enough, there is no doubt that they will be evaluated and a scholarship offer could eventually come.  This site has helped send athletes to Big 10 and SEC schools in recent years.  That doesn’t include the countless other Division I-A, I-AA. II, III, NAIA, and Junior College recruits who have used this advice.

If I have been already following your advice on the site, how will these packages help?
Having your highlight video evaluated or your recruiting profile updated are fantastic ways to ensure you are doing what you need to in order to put your most professional foot forward in the eyes of college coaches.  We hold your hand during the process with our guides that are included within the packages.

How is the information delivered?
It is all sent via email through a downloadable link to the products.  This .zip file includes all of the in-depth PDFs, Word docs, and Excel Files included.  You can email admin@recruiting-101.com if you are having problems.

What version should I get?
It depends on the situation of your family.  If you are willing to spend the extra money, the All State package is worth every cent.  We give you feedback on what you are doing and ways to improve your highlight video.  The All Conference package may not have a few of the features that the All State package has but it is also more cost efficient for families trying to be frugal during the football recruiting process.

I am nervous about doing it myself.  What should I do?
As mentioned above, these packages hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need to do in order to increase the amount of recruiting attention that you have.  Families throughout the country have used the earlier e-books and articles on the site to receive hundreds of thousands of scholarship dollars.  These packages make the process even easier for you and your family.

Click here to become All State for $89.95.


Click here to become All Conference for $49.95.



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