Some Updates of Interest Regarding and How You Can Help

We have made a few recent changes regarding the site that we wanted to share with readers.  A decision was made recently in order to reduce the amount of time it took the site to load and that means reducing the amount of advertisers on Recruiting-101.  This means less ads, quicker load times, and a better overall experience with the site.  With that, we first must thank NCSA Sports,, and Google Adsense for being vital pieces to the overall lifeline of this site.  The changes also do limit the amount of income brought in by the site so we are asking for the assistance of readers everywhere.  If you have friends looking for guidance, please spread the word and like our articles via the share button to Facebook.  Here are a number of areas that can help overall.

Anyway that you can support the site is greatly appreciated.  I just wanted to let users know that if there is any articles that you want to see, please let me know so I can at least look into it.  It doesn’t mean I will write every article requested but commenting as to what you want to see on the site will be a great step in the right direction for this.

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