What the 2012 Olympics can teach us about the athletic recruiting process

What the Olympics can teach us about the football recruiting processFor that have been watching television over the last week plus, there is little doubt that you have stumbled upon the 2012 Olympics.  This version of the games is once again extremely exciting and fun for those watching from home.  But there is more than just the enjoyment of watching the games.

If anything, people out there can use the success of those in basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, and any number of other countless sports and apply it to the football recruiting process.  It may at times seem like a stretch but these Olympics can be used as motivation to work hard when immersing yourself in this recruiting process.  Here are some of the areas that these games can teach us about:

It is not an overnight process
While athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt are phenomenal athletes, they did not just pick up their sport a few weeks before prior to the Olympics and then break record after record.  Both of these standouts have been excelling in their sport for quite sometime so it shows it is not an overnight process.  With football recruiting, you will not be putting together a highlight tape, sending it out, getting scholarship offers, and making visits in a short time period.  This is a long process and you need to be in it for the long run.

Practice, practice, and more practice
If you have dreams of playing Division I football, the things that you need to do are workout as hard as you can everyday and read this site (Well, the second one is not really required).  These Olympic athletes put themselves into a position to succeed by practicing and practicing, even when they were tired and not interested.  You need to do the same thing.  Even if it is a Friday afternoon and all your friends are skipping weight lifting, this may not be easy to attend but it will make you a better athlete.  The more correct practice that you put in, the better you will be.

There are others throughout the world going for the same goal you are
It may be strange to say this but with football recruiting going global over the last few years, athletes throughout the entire world are competing for scholarships.  The same can be said about the gold medal.  Each attracts top performers in their sport and is a great honor to receive.  The hard part about football recruiting is that there is no one-on-one race that you will be doing against another athlete.  You have to showcase yourself in the form of video or at camps to impress coaches.

Preparation is key
This is not related to practice or getting yourself ready to receive a Division I scholarship.  As a football recruit, you need to prepare yourself by putting together a quality highlight tape, marketing yourself to coaches, and even attending camps.  The preparation that Olympic athletes must do is different but necessary for them to succeed.  They need to eat healthy, prepare themselves mentally to succeed, and improve as much as they can (Sorry, this one was a bit of a stretch).

Cheaters never win
If you are going to use performance enhancing drugs in the Olympics, chances are high that you will eventually be caught.  As for a football recruit, some may consider hyping up your stats, height, and weight as cheating.  In 99% of the cases, the college coach will want to see you in person when they offer.  And if you are inflating those stats, they are not going to be happy at all.

Put the right people in your corner
If you had a chance to see Michael Phelps swim, you probably also saw his swim coach he has had for years.  Phelps put his trust in his coach and it has paid off.  As a football recruit, you need to have coaches around you that you can trust and will go to bat for you.  College coaches always ask questions about the character of the recruits so make sure that your prep coach holds you in a high regard.

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