There is no down time in the athletic recruiting process for sought after athletes and why using that excuse never works

There is no down time in the athletic recruiting process for sought after athletesI have talked to thousands of high school athletes and it is always interesting to hear what they think about the overall athletic recruiting process.  Some are dead on and doing the exact right things while others have no clue as to what is going on and struggle to figure out how to help themselves.

One of most interest comments that I must share is when an athlete says that it is a slow period for recruiting because the colleges are focusing on camps and the season so they haven’t received much interest from the colleges.  There is a major problem with that statement because if you are a sought after recruit, there is no slow period.

If I was a college coach and felt that you were my #1 overall recruit, do you really think I would take a little time off from recruiting you because I am busy with other things?  Schools have graduate assistant and other assistants that are lower down the food chain that should be recruiting you.  Regardless of what you think, if you are a sought after recruit, there should be no slow period.

I have seen first hand how hard graduate assistants work at the Division I level.  They have a big say in who gets letters and packages during the recruiting process.  In order for them to eventually make their way up the coaching ladder, they have to do a great job with recruiting and help with the overall process.  So if they want to end up landing you, then you can bet that they will not back down during any point in the recruiting process.

If you feel that you are at a lull, then you certainly need to do something about it.  The first thing you need to do is take a look at your recruiting logs (you kept them, right?) and figure out how much attention this school has been showing you.  Did they call in the spring?  Have them been recruiting you before this?  A good portion of schools will suddenly disappear during the athletic recruiting process so don’t be surprised when this happens.

By going over the logs, you should have a good feel for where they stand.  The key here is regardless of the situation, don’t be discouraged.  It may be one less option in the recruiting process.  But even if they are gone, it would be better for them to leave now as opposed to late in the athletic recruiting process.

So if things are slowing down for you, I will say again that you need to open things back up.  But don’t expect things to start heating up once the coaches have more time.  Things are slowing down for a reason so look into other options and figure out a new solution to the recruiting process.

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