I will tell you exactly what you need to get an athletic scholarship today!

I will get you an athletic scholarship today!If you do much searching on the web, I can promise you that two things you will frequently come across is weight loss programs and make money now schemes.  The reason that these continue to work year after year is because people are always searching for an easy way make some cash or drop pounds.  The problem is that for 99% of people, things don’t work that way.

In order for people to lose weight, it takes a great deal of focus to improve your eating as well as adding a fitness regimen to your daily routine.  Making money online is a very popular phrase to search but one that only nets money for the person selling you their get rich ideas.  The reason why I am bringing this up is because I have seen people selling books, recruiting services, or whatever else there is out there in order to basically say that you will be recruited.  This dream for recruitment doesn’t mean a damn thing unless the schools offer you scholarship.  So don’t believe this crap and here is why.

Let me run some numbers for you quickly.  Out of the millions of high school football players throughout the country, I would assume that somewhere around 50% have aspirations to play college football.  In most situations, things don’t work out but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.  This is why recruiting services, pay combines, and things along that line always seem to find enough suckers to make money.

Out of those 50%, I would venture to say that only 10% of them will actually play college football at any level.  This includes Division I-A, I-AA, II, III, NAIA, and Junior College.  That 10% can be debated a number of different ways but I would think most states have one out of ten athletes playing in college.

So how many of that 10% do you really think can get an athletic scholarship today by just sending out a game tape or two to college coaches?  I would have to say somewhere around .01%.  The reason that the number is so low is because there are only so many athletes out there that are so amazingly freakish that a scholarship will be on the table in no time.  These are the athletes that can get a scholarship today because they have been blessed by God with size, athleticism, speed, a rocket arm, or something else along those lines.  This .01% happens only so often at schools across the country.

For the rest of the 9.99% of athletes who will play college football, you are going to have to go to work.  There are no magic solutions where you sign up for a program and get a scholarship.  Recruiting services can definitely help some athletes but they make most of their money from the athletes who are just not good enough to play at the next level.  They will never promise a scholarship but I can guarantee you families think they are getting their monies worth once the form mail starts rolling in.

Going back to my original point, things like losing weight, making money, and getting an athletic scholarship in the football recruiting process takes time.  I am not talking a day or a week.  It takes a ton of time to do things properly and make an informed decision about your college future.  Are you going to lose 50 pounds in two weeks?  Can you finally make 10 grand a month legally in within a month?  Do you really think getting a scholarship will be easy?

It is going to be difficult to make get that scholarship because there are only a small number of available at every school.  Even for football, a program may sign 25 prospects but there are likely tens of thousands of athletes competing for them.  These coaches are making a lot of money and know that if they want it to continue, they must bring in top profile athletes to help the team win ball games.

That means you must go to work basically a few times per week dealing with the football recruiting process.  One night it may be researching schools that could be a good fit for you athletically.  Two days later you may want to sit with your family and talk about academics and the programs that you are interested in.  Again, if you want to make an informed decision, don’t expect things to happen overnight,

You need to be in this for the long haul and realize nothing is going to come easy.  But if you do your due diligence and put the time in, you know you can rest easy without worrying about what could have been.  You put the time in while putting your best foot forward and have nothing to regret if you did that.

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