With AAU in the past, now is the time to get a feel for where you are in the basketball recruiting process

With AAU over, now is the time to get a feel for where you are in the basketball recruiting processI have said time and time again the the only way for 99% of athletes to get a major Division I scholarship is to play AAU basketball.  Without it, how exactly are college coaches in all parts of the country going to see you play?  If it didn’t exist, I can only imagine how many sleepers would still be sleeping if they didn’t have this opportunity (that was funny, right?).

So in this article, I am going to be talking to those basketball players who did go onto the circuit and had a chance to showcase their wares in the eyes of college coaches.  These are the basketball recruits who should be able to get a serious feel for where they sit in the recruiting process and what schools are interested.

By this time, you really should have a good feel for what schools are calling you.  Calls this time of year are extremely important for basketball recruits because it actually gives you a good feel for which college coaches are truly interested in your abilities.

Have a dream school that hasn’t called?  I hate to say it but the ship has probably sailed here.  I seem to write this in every article but college coaches are smart enough to cover their A, B, and C options in recruiting.  And for their current roster, they know the majority of the time if someone is leaving early for the pros or transferring because they are not happy.  These coaches are paid to know this so they must have options there as well.

If it is mid August already, unless their recruiting is going horrid, chances are they are likely to be getting commitments from other athletes.  My guess is that if it is your dream school, it is a high major program that likely gets commitments from big time prospects.

So if you were keeping track of your recruiting attention (you have been, again right?), you should be able to get a feel for who was calling during the month of August.  The schools that are calling are obviously the ones interested.  Some programs will call more and others will back off because they received commitments from other athletes in your class.  That is just the way it works in the basketball recruiting process.

Your best bet now is to figure out who has been calling and how often.  What you will want to do is start researching these programs.  Look into their location, academics, athletic support, current roster, and other athletes that they are recruiting.  You basically want to get a feel for what is going on at their school.

On the next call from coaches, I now would be a great time to talk about official visits and offers.  If they are calling you this late in the process, there is at least a chance of an offer and/or an official visit.  If neither has been mentioned, you might as well ask about it just to figure out what exactly is going on.  The worst that they can tell you is that you are a D recruit for them and that there are a lot of options ahead of you.  What that means for you is that you can finally get a feel for where you sit with these schools.

After talking to the coaches about offers and visits, you should have a better feeling overall for where you sit in the recruiting process.  Now may be a good time to map out the fall and try to figure out which schools you want to visit and if you want to sign in November.  Getting it out of the way is a great thing to do in order to focus on your own season.

Again, use the calls as a good way to figure out what schools are showing you the most interest.  If they don’t call, there is a reason.  So take that information and plan out a schedule for the coming months as to how you will make a decision.  This should help in eventually finishing things up with basketball recruiting.

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