More on the exciting news coming from Recruiting-101

Last week, we talked about some exciting news that would be coming up soon regarding Recruiting-101.  We have decided to tell a little more about what the news is.  Over the last five years of running this site, we have helped hundreds and hundreds of families navigate through the recruiting process.  This will only continue even more now.

On Saturday, September 1st, we will release our most in-depth football recruiting package ever.  This is our first package and is tailored specifically towards junior football recruits.  There will be two different package options depending on what your family needs but we can guarantee following the included information will increase the amount of recruiting attention you receive.  Some things that will now be made available: Five Templates for a Winning Recruiting Profile, Tracking Recruiting Attention Excel File, Email Templates for Correspondences with Coaches, Elite Junior Football Recruiting Articles, Database Domination for Rivals/Scout/247Sports/ESPN, Family Q&A Survival Guide to the Football Recruiting Process, Highlight Video Reviews and Level Recommendations, and more.  Stay tuned for this exciting announcement!

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