How do I help improve my stock when college coaches come to my open gyms for basketball recruiting?

How do I help myself when college coaches to open gyms for basketball recruiting?With many colleges trying to finish up their recruiting class for 2013 this fall, these coaches will be taking visits to high schools and looking to learn more about the athletes that they are recruiting.  In many of these cases, the coaches will come to watch the player work out and play in open gym.  And while this may not seem important, it really is.

So before these coaches come and visit to see you in action, there are going to be a few pieces of advice that I recommend you follow before you lace up your kicks in front of someone who may help pay your way in college.  Some of these should be things that you do everyday but should be something you really think about when playing in front of coaches.  Here are some keys to think about:

Play defense
It may seem like an obvious factor but make sure you are working hard on defense and talking the entire time.  Being vocal is something that college coaches like to see.

If you want a scholarship in college, you will need to hustle and work hard on the court.  Make sure you show the coaches that you can do that.

Have good body language
If you are acting like a fool out on the court with poor body language, coaches are going to be turned off by that.  If you play like that in an open gym, what will you be like when things don’t go your way in a game?

Don’t yell at teammates/Stay positive
Coaches don’t like players who are negative to their teammates.  People make mistakes so stay positive and encourage them rather than rip their confidence.

Work hard
It goes along the same lines as hustle but you want to work hard while you are on the court.  Make the most of your opportunities.

Be a leader
Coaches love seeing a leader on the floor and it is obvious to see if you are one or not.  If you are, showcase that ability.

Get your teammates involved
Make sure you are not going out of your way to shoot the ball every time you touch it.  Get your teammates involved and share the ball.

Play your game
Above everything, play the type of game that got you recruited in the first place.  Keep that in mind above everything.

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