Senior Football Recruiting Packages Now Available and On Sale Today!

After some amazing success with our Junior Football Recruiting Packages thanks to so many gracious readers, Recruiting-101 has now expanded and put together two packages just for senior football recruits across the country.  These are now available and on sale for a limited time.  The Senior All State Package is for recruits who want to not waste any time on the recruiting process and want the information needed to win.  Purchase today and save $10.  Our Senior All Conference Package is loaded with step by step guides to get ahead of your peers on the journey for a scholarship.  Save $5 when purchasing this package today.  This sale will only last over the course of the next seven days so get in on the savings now!

Each package is loaded with multiple e-books as we will guide senior football recruits to the most scholarship dollars available down the stretch.  There is nothing out there that can match how in-depth we have gone with both packages.  Click the links below for more information:
Overview of both packages
More information on the e-books included
Q&A about each package
Total savings for the All State package
Total savings for the All Conference package

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