Time versus money in the athletic recruiting process and how all situations are unique for families

Time versus money in the athletic recruiting processThere are two people that this article does not pertain to at all.  It is those who already have impressed coaches enough at college camps that they already have scholarships on the table.  These athletes are few and far between (plus they probably don’t need much help with recruiting when schools all over the country are offering scholarships).  The second is the families with enough money that the they can do just about anything and pay for just about anything in the athletic recruiting process.  They can use every recruiting service known to man, have multiple highlight videos produced, and make unofficial visits on any whim.

But for the 95% of families and recruits not in those two groups, one thing that you must decide is if you want to either spend money or time in the athletic recruiting process.  Yes, you could spend both but this is something that you have to think about long and hard before going head first in it.  Both has their advantages and disadvantages.

Why should I spend time to help my child during the athletic recruiting process?  There are definitely a few major reasons why spending time is important.  The first is that this may be something that you want to learn more about and so you will immerse yourself in asking questions to college coaches and reading this site everyday.  If you have more than one child with hopes of playing Division I athletics, than it may be worth it to look into putting the time in and improving your knowledge of the recruiting process.

Obviously when you put the time into it, you will feel in more control because you will have a better feel of the entire situation.  For me personally, I feel most stressed when things are out of my control and I am uninformed about the situation.  With parents, I know many feel overwhelmed and are like a deer in headlights when things get started.  That is why putting in the time and reading a free site like this may be worth it for you.

And the last major reason is that no matter how good of a relationship you have with your son or daughter, spending the time to help them find a school will create a bond that they will never forget (that may be a bad bond if you force them to a school that they don’t want to go to.  That is a whole other subject though).  I can promise you that you will learn things about your child that you never knew.  What do they want to study in?  Where do they want the college to be located?  How big of a school do they want to go?

These are all huge factors that can be used to create a bond between you and your child that can last forever.  Your child may not realize it at at the time but they will appreciate the time that you put in down the road.  I even remember the only college I visited with my mom.  Even though we didn’t know much about the recruiting process, she supported me enough to go with me.  And I am still thankful for that today considering that was the school I eventually decided on.

Why should I spend money to help my child during the athletic recruiting process?  The main reason is because it is so much easier to have someone else do it.  If you are busy at work or with other children running around the house, there are so many recruiting services and agents willing to help you through the recruiting process that it makes things much easier.

I think what happens is these services will hype up all the big named athletes that they have worked with in the past.  If John Doe worked with them and he went Division I, my kid who doesn’t get any playing time needs to work with this service.  The hyping up of athlete that they have worked with is usually done with regional companies.  Let me stress to you that all athletes are different and the recruiting process for everyone of them is not the same.

As I talked about in the article, ten ways to save money during the athletic recruiting process, my obvious opinion as I have stated here many times is that it is something that you as a parent should spend the time in learning about.  Yes, it is a confusing process but learning as much as you can by asking questions, reading articles on this site, and even commenting here with questions are a way to get started.

Again, all athletes go through different recruiting process.  Some may be blessed and have a scholarship offer the first day of their junior year while others may end up playing at a Division III school.  As a parent, you may want to pick and choose what you spend time on and spend money on.  If you want to do the highlight video and delegate the rest of the recruiting process, then so be it.  These are things to seriously think about in the future.  It doesn’t matter if you are a senior or a freshman, keep this stuff in mind.

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