What you should focus on trying to get out of official visits in order to help get the best overall feel for a school

What you should try to get out of official visits during the recruiting processWith five official visits allowed by the NCAA, there is no doubt that these trips are very worth doing.  Obviously it will depend on a number of different factors but if you have the chance to make all five, you will not be hurting anything by seeing as many schools as you can officially.

When making these journeys to different schools in your area or around the country, there are a number of different things that you should be looking to get out of the visits.  While it is great seeing what the nightlife is at these schools, you need to get much more out of the trips than just that.  So here are a list of things to consider looking into when making your official visits:

Get a feel for the campus
If you have not visited this school before, you will not have a feel for how big the campus really is.  You need to get a good feel for the size of the campus and where all the building are located.  Will you be walking two miles from the dorms to class?  Also try and see where the athletes live and how the dorms are.

Learn more about your potential major
You are a student athlete so the academic side of things is very important.  You want to learn as much about your possible major as you can.  Try to speak with professors in that field and view the facilities.  If you are studying pre-med, it is probably pretty easy to get a feel for how good or bad their equipment will be.

Build a better relationship with the coaching staff
Throughout the visit, you are likely going to be learning more about the coaching staff and their bonds with players.  This is not just talking on the phone like you are used to.  This visit gives you a chance to build a stronger relationship and learn more about them.

Get comfortable around the current players
These players are going to be your teammates for the next four or five years.  If you don’t feel that you can fit in with them, then this may not be the school for you.  Being comfortable around these players and learning more about them is a great way to bond before you attend school there.

See what their nightlife is all about
You may not be a nightlife type person but it is important to see what college athletes do on weekends.  Do they all get sloppy drunk?  Do they all stay in and hang out together?  These are important things to think about and if you can fit into.

View a game/practice/workout
While this does not always work, you will want to get a feel for how the coaches coach.  Within a game, a practice, or a workout, you should be able to see at least some aspect of it.  This should help you realize if you can make the time commitment needed at this school.

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