When exactly should I be getting my junior year football recruiting highlights out to college coaches? Sooner or later?

When should you get junior football video to college coaches?With the majority of players having finished up the 2012 regular football season, this is the time when athletes and parents start to think about putting together highlight tapes from the past season. This is a vital time in the recruiting process so it is important to know what to do.

First off, let me clarify about college coaches requesting highlights video. I received a question from a parent about when college coaches can request tape from prospective recruit. While these coaches cannot call the recruits until May of their junior year, they can request film at any time. They will need to use other ways in order to get video of these recruits, but they can request it at any time. And by any time, I mean they can request video of an athlete’s first varsity contest. This coach will have to do it before calling by speaking with the high school coach, emailing with the parent, or when the recruit calls them they can speak to him about it then. If these coaches are seriously interested in you as an athlete, they will be unique in finding ways to get video highlights of an athlete.

Another question I received from this same parent is should he get the video highlights of his son out by November 1st or January 1st? When thinking about how quick the parent/athlete wants to get out video footage, it really depends on a few things. The first question to ask yourself is how many college coaches are requesting video highlights? If the number is over ten, then I would recommend putting together the highlights before the playoffs finish. These coaches think very highly of the athlete so it is important to get that footage out as soon as possible. And as I have said before, getting video footage online does help things early.

If there are not a ton of coaches seeking video at this time, then take your time and look for someone you trust and a person that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Unless you are trying to get something extravagant, which I still don’t think you need, there is no way you should be spending thousands of dollars. But that is your decision regarding that. Going back to the question, if the coaches are not beating down your down, take your time. You can wait until the playoffs finish because I still don’t think it is a good idea to send video without having it requested.

So overall, if you have ten or more Division I coaches all asking to see video highlights, put the video together as soon as possible. If not, then take your time and find a great deal from someone you trust. But above all, make sure that you are putting together a quality product that coaches can see with ease. And if you can put the video online, that is an added bonus as well.

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