The difficulty of college coaches recruiting when they are on the hot seat and what you should do

The difficulty of coaches recruiting when they are on the hot seatNo matter what the National Letter of Intent states, coaches are a rather large factor into which school you will be attending college at.  These coaches are the ones who call you, evaluate you, watch you play, and hope to eventually land your signature on that NLI when Signing Day rolls around.  The problem is that these coaches are not always going to be around when you get to school there.

It could be a number of different reasons why they are no longer there.  The coaches may have been excellent at the mid major program and are moving up to a bigger school that pays more money.  The coach may be at a major program and eventually take a job in the NBA.  The other way that there could be a coaching change is if they get fired.  And with how obvious it is about what coaches are on the hot seat, this plays a major factor into the athletic recruiting process.

There has even been a website growing over the last few years that tracks this.  Click here for the site as it is very interesting to hear their take on what coaches are on the hot seat.  For the majority of these coaches, there is little doubt that the negativity that they get from around their program will factor into the recruiting process for these prep athletes.

Think about it this way.  If you are a recruit and the fan base is booing the team after a lose at home, would you really want to be a part of that team?  One of the biggest factors for recruits is winning but they also want to find a fan base that will support them through the good and bad times.  Not all teams have the luxury of a USC in that they can win year after year.  Sooner or later, there is going to be a rebuilding year.

ESPN has had articles that talked about the difficulty of recruiting those on the hot seat as we speak throughout a year in which they are expected to get fired when things finish up.  A few things they mentioned, all of which are true, include commitments changing their mind, official visits stop, negative recruiting pops up, and the staff focuses less on recruiting and more on keeping their jobs by winning games.

There are many situations, where the coach starts landing a huge class early in the recruiting process.  Then the coach starts doing poorly in the season and commits start changing their minds.  Once the old coach gets fired and the new coach comes in, they are in an uphill battle to keep commitments from the athletes that have verballed.  But with the short turn around time between the firing and Signing Day, these coaches normally have a tough time building the relationships needed to land a top class.

As a recruit, you want to feel comfortable at your future school and the coaches that you will be working with for the next four or five years.  That is why once a a new staff is hired, they try to work so hard to build a relationship.  The problem is that in a lot of cases, there just is not enough time.  A number of players from that program mentioned above ended up decommitting and then signing with another school.  What makes it worse is that they signed with the rivals right next door.

Yes, you are going to school for the academics.  If you can get that paid for, then that is something where you are truly blessed.  But before making that final college decision, you will want to make sure that you have built a good relationship with the coaching staff beforehand to know what they are like and how they coach.

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