As hard as it may seem right away, parting ways with a potential college can be beneficial for all parties involves during the athletic recruiting process

Parting ways with a potential college can be beneficial for all parties involves during the athletic recruiting processOne very difficult call that some college coaches have to make is when they tell an athlete that they are no longer recruiting them.  While it is never going to be easy for both parties, I think this is a very stand up thing to do for college coaches.  The reason is that it tells the athlete that they probably should consider other options as their school is no longer available.

But the thing about this is that it can be a positive for everyone involved.  I have seen far too many athletes so focused on a potential opportunity at a huge school that they passed about scholarships and money available at other programs.  And in the end, they regretted doing that.

The perfect example is if you grew up following State University and would give anything to receive a scholarship from them.  You spend money on camps, take three unofficial visits there during the fall, attend all the Junior Days, and basically do everything you can to show the college coaches that you are interested in their school.  The problem is that they already know this and making more visits is not going to make your abilities on film any better than the last time that they had watched it.

State University really could string you along during the entire athletic recruiting process informing you that they are still evaluating you as well as looking at other recruits.  They could basically push this line until Signing Day as other schools come and go because you are so set on this program.  But what happens when you finally realize that the only chance you might have of going to State University is walking on and that offer is still not even on the table.

Getting told you are not good enough by the State University coaches would be very tough to swallow.  The last thing you want to hear as an athlete is that you are not good enough to play at the school that you dreamed of being a part of.  But their coaches being brutally honest with you could be a huge benefit for you in the recruiting process.

This could push you to market yourself to other schools before it was too late.  If State University waited until Signing Day, most of the other schools would have used their money and scholarships already.  If they do it early enough, there is still plenty of time to market yourself to new schools at lower levels.  This would actually be a huge benefit to you in the long run.

So if you do have to go through this, look at it as a blessing in disguise.  Yes, this big school is no longer an option.  But there are plenty of other schools that may actually be a better fit for you overall in the recruiting process.  Finding that, enjoying athletics, and getting a strong college education are why you are in college.

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