Should I flat out ask a college coach if they are going to offer me a scholarship during the athletic recruiting process?

Should I ask a college coach if I am going to get a scholarship during the athletic recruiting process?There is no doubt that hearing the phrase “be patient” over and over against during the athletic recruiting process with frustrate even the most patient families.  The reason that an athlete has worked so hard over the years is to excel at the high school level and open doors to help pay for their college education.  And being patient right now isn’t exactly going to help pay the extreme costs of college.

So if you are sick of being patient, what should you do?  One thing to consider is to ask a college coach flat out on the spot if they are going to offer you a scholarship during the athletic recruiting process.  But is this something that I really should do?  Outside of extreme awkwardness after the question is asked, could this end up hurting my recruiting?

The answer to that question really depends on the coach and the coaching staff.  Some coaches will be brutally honest with you and tell you the 100% complete truth.  We are only taking one quarterback in this class and we have an offer out to our top target.  Some of the coaches will then state where you sort of stand and others won’t.  They may tell you that you are among a group of players who are next in line for the offer.  The problem with that is that this group could be ten players deep for a position that the college is only taking one scholarship athlete at.

College coaches don’t want to tell you that they are parting ways with you until they know for sure that their scholarship athletes at your position are filled and they don’t believe you would fit in as a walk-on.  The coaches always need a B, C, D, E, and F recruit just in case something happens to the players above you on their recruiting depth chart.  If they all pick another school and you are the F recruit, the coaches could actually decide to bank the offer.  There is no guarantee of anything at all.

Going back to the question, chances are that college coaches do get it a lot.  But if the school hasn’t offered you a scholarship, asking them won’t suddenly prompt them to quickly change their mind.  You may be sick of the lines and fed up with the BS but asking that question is just begging to hear more of it.  They will tell you about how their evaluation process is unique and that it x, y, and z coaches to sign off on the scholarship.  I have heard this before and know that if their rivals next door were to offer a scholarship, coaches x, y, and z would sign off in minutes.

Again, these coaches need to keep you on the hook.  They may end up offering you or they may not.  The better you are, the better the chances that they keep you on the line throughout most of the athletic recruiting process.  That is what makes it so difficult on making a final decision.  Is it better to commit to a sure thing or wait in hopes that your dream school offers?

In the end, it is fine to ask that question.  Maybe the coach will tell you something you have yet to hear.  But in the end, just asking it won’t get you anything.  It will likely leave you more frustrated and wondering where you really sit in the athletic recruiting process.

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