I am a senior in the football recruiting process with college recruiting interest but no offers at this point. What should I be doing in November (Part One)?

I am a senior in the football recruiting process without any offers but I have interest.  What should I be doing in November (Part One)?I have to say that I assume that a good portion of the football recruits out there reading this are in this exact situation.  They currently are scholarship-less but have recruiting interest from a variety of schools.  Those programs still have not pulled the trigger in offering a scholarship and are likely boasting the same cliché lines that you are tired of hearing.  They could include we are still evaluating prospects, we are waiting to see how many players we need at your position, be patient, and so many other ones.

So for you out there that are in the situation described, this article is for you.  As I talked about very recently, if a college coach is really seriously evaluating you for a scholarship offer, you should know by a few things that they do.

If your football season is still going on, I would focus on that for the time being.  My guess is that you are extremely busy and the last thing you want to do is invest a ton of time in the football recruiting process right now.  Visits are fine but your focus should be on school and football.  I know this may set you back a week or two but that won’t kill you right now.

We are going to assume that your team made a great playoff run but fell short to your rivals from Valley and now your season is over.  As I have talked about, now is not the time to rest and assume that college coaches will come flock to you.

What you need to do now is take a few hours on a week night or a weekend and really focus on what is going on with the football recruiting process.  Since you have taken detailed files (you did, right?), you should have what schools called, when, what they said, information about all the schools, who has been sending mail, and things along those lines.

This will give you a better feel of where you really sit with the schools that are recruiting you.  Remember, a school that is sending mail and inviting you to games is not promising you anything.  Until you get the official scholarship paperwork, don’t really believe that there is a scholarship on the table.

Inventory where you sit with schools and please, don’t but the “they are in season so they just are not recruiting me as hard” line that I seem to frequently hear.  There is a good reason why you are not hearing from the coaches and it has nothing to do with them being busy.

If you are happy with the attention that you have, then I assume the coaches are calling you frequently (there is a problem is you are happy and they are not calling you).  On the next call, ask them about the evaluation process, reviewing your tapes, what you need to send, official visits, and everything that will help you get a better overall grasp of where you sit.

Talk to them about your position, their recruiting, how their process works, and anything else you haven’t asked before.  This really is a lot to put on the shoulders of a 17 or 18-year old but should be done.  And mom and dad, give your son an opportunity to ask these questions himself.  This is an opportunity for him to grow as a person by stepping out of his comfortable zone.  I don’t care if you have to write the questions down, your son needs to take this opportunity and run with it.  And I don’t care how bad their social skills are.

The answers should give you a better feel for what these schools are thinking.  Yes, he is likely to hear a number of different lines about how their evaluation process is different and that you need to be patient, blah, blah, blah.

What you want to hear, especially from Division I-A (FCS) and II coaches is when they offer scholarships and how official visits work.  For 90% of recruits at the Division I-AA (FCS) level and 95% of recruits at the Division II level, offers do not come until at least December and most colleges make you come for an official visit in order to get the package that they are offering.  There are obvious exceptions but most coaches make recruits wait it out (which is very stressing and makes things much harder but is how it works).

Look for part two on Wednesday!

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