I am a senior in the football recruiting process with college recruiting interest but no offers at this point. What should I be doing in November (Part Two)?

I am a senior in the football recruiting process without any offers but I have interest.  What should I be doing in November (Part Two)?This article has been continued from Monday.  Please click here to see the first part of the article.

The reason why this doesn’t happen until later is because these smaller schools don’t really start evaluating the process until after their season ends.  They have more time on their hands and they usually have figured out which kids with Division I eyes will really be going to State University on scholarship and which ones won’t.

These Division I-AA and II coaches are seeing who really gets the bigger offers and that is why their football recruiting process always seems a step slow.  They know that a Division I-A (BCS) the morning of Signing Day is likely enough to sway them so they don’t want to be wasting time chasing a top recruit who will pick a larger program.

One you get your feedback from the coaches, you can now decide what direction you want to take.  Are you extremely confident and happy with the potential opportunities at the schools that are recruiting you?  Do you feel confident an offer may come?  What would you do if no offer came from any of the schools recruiting you?  These are questions that you really need to dissect and think about.

If you don’t feel confident about your recruiting as the calls have been dying down, then go back through The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer.  You may need to dust off your recruiting profile and update it with new information but November is a fantastic time to search out new opportunities.  Schools at almost all levels have yet to finish their recruiting class so getting your information in front of them is vital.

Follow the article linked above and take a few hours to research colleges.  Learn more about their football team, their campus, their location, and most importantly, their academics.  When emailing coaches, you want to have a good hook as to why you are interested in their school.  So please take the time to actually research the program instead of sending out a generic email about how great their school is (and I know parents will still do it but please don’t!).

Now would also be a great time to update your football recruiting highlight video.  Once again, figure out if you are doing it yourself, having a coach do it, or finding a professional to put it together (see www.highlight-videos.com for more on highlight tapes with a quick turnaround time).  The quicker you can get that done, the quicker you can send it out to coaches or post it online and mass email the link to coaches.

I have said this before but it is worth investing in a new highlight tape as a senior if you don’t have any offers.  The reason is you want to put your best abilities on tape and my guess/hope is that your best season is your final go around as a senior.  If you have scholarships, then that is a completely different debate.

If there is also time on the weekends, now may be good to take a few close unofficial visits.  This should give you a better chance to get a feel for what the school is offering as far as campus life, location, and their facilities.  These visits cannot be duplicated so going on them is worth it if you feel that there are more than five schools wanting to bring you in for an official later on.

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