I am a junior in the football recruiting process with interest and no scholarship offers currently on the table. What should I be doing right now in November (Part One)?

I am a junior in the football recruiting process with interest and no scholarship offers. What should I be doing in November (Part One)?With it already being late November, I am going to assume that your season is behind you.  If you are in-season, focus on finishing up the year and then worry about the football recruiting process.  The last thing you want to do in the playoffs is hurt the chances of your team by traveling and making college visits that get in the way of your current season.

With college interest and no offers, what you want to do over the next few months is lay the ground work needed to be evaluated by college coaches.  Your ability on the field has already helped your name get recognized by college coaches.  Now you need to get your abilities in front of them and see what they think.

Step one would be to take a look back through The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer.  If you haven’t already done these, then now would be a great time to go through and them get comfortable with them.  Hopefully you have already built a recruiting profile so all you will need to do at this point is update it.  If this is something new to you, then take the time and make sure you put together a complete recruiting profile that will help you get attention.

If there is interest (which is stated by the title of the article), then I would very, very strongly recommend putting together a recruiting highlight video (see www.highlight-videos.com for more).  Interest this early means that the coaches have found out about you one way or another.  So in order to take the football recruiting process to the next level, they will want to see your highlight video.  Some will request it and others won’t.  It just depends on the school and the coaches.

As soon as you get the game tape from the season, then take the next step as soon as possible to put this together.  I have seen so many athletes who have interest at this point put off making a football recruiting video for a variety of reasons.  Then when college coaches really want it in April and May, these families are scrambling to get it done.  That is why doing it right now shortly after the season ends will make for a very easy transition when more college interest starts coming your way during the spring.

Once the highlight video portion is completed, do what you can to get the video highlights posted online so that you can link to them in your recruiting profile.  There are hundreds of free options for sites to upload the video so start with Youtube and find others as well.  Again, there is no need to pay for posting online highlights when there are hundreds if not thousands of sites where you can post it for free.

The reason I push the online highlights first is because it is easier to send a college coach a link to your footage.  If they are interested, they may actually request for your full highlight video so that they can watch it on the big screen.  Your highlights may turn off some coaches so you save the time and money of sending out a copy by just linking to the online footage.

Now go back and take a look at all the correspondence that you have received from college coaches.  Obviously at this stage in the football recruiting process, it will only be letters, questionnaires, and camp invites (you can just throw the camp invites away because they are worthless).

What I would do is take all of the information that you have received and start logging it in a notebook or an excel file (hopefully you have done so already).  Now for the sake of this article, we assume that there have been twenty schools that have sent mail.  Ten have sent repeated letters about their program, five have sent just questionnaires, and five have sent camp invites.  Find the names of the coaches on all the letters and start scouring the Internet for their email addresses.  Expect some of the email addresses listed on their athletic site to go to a secretary and others to go straight to the coach himself.

Once all twenty of the email addresses have been done, take the time to send them an email.  It may be worth giving them a reminder about who you are (don’t assume they know so make sure to include your full name and high school).  Along with the email, attach your recruiting profile and a link to your recruiting highlight video.

If these coaches really had contacted you before, then 100% of them should contact you back and at least acknowledge that they have received your information.  I would expect at least one or two coaches to not get back to you but the smart ones will.  They can use what you sent them to update their recruiting database as well as give an early video evaluation.

Look for part two soon!

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