The Division I-A (BCS) timetable for scholarships when official visits happen in the football recruiting process

Division I-A (BCS) timetable for scholarships and official visits in the football recruiting processOne of my favorite parts about this site is when users interact with those on the site and ask questions about specific situations that they are currently going through.  Because the recruiting process is so difficult, especially for football, there are always a ton of questions that parents have been few rarely ever ask.

Well, one dad came along and asked us about the time table for Division I-A and I-AA schools and how they handle the recruiting process for recruits who are not national.  In this second part of two articles, I will be taking a look at updated timetables as to when Division I-A (BCS) schools make a decision on when they offer athletes.

For Division I-A schools, if they have not offered your son by now, they are obviously waiting on other recruits or they hope to bring your son in as a walk on.  From the comment that was posted, this dad made it clear that they updated film and made sure college coaches were aware of this. Getting this film out is very important and can make an impact on the recruiting process.

At the Division I-A level, your son may be the third option for a position that they are only taking one recruit at.  If recruit A decides to go elsewhere, then they offer recruit B.  If B goes elsewhere, then they will offer your son, prospect C.  Again, it is unsure where your son sits on that recruiting board so you can’t say for sure that they even consider him scholarship worthy.  They may be hoping to get him as a walk-on.

The only other option I have seen where Division I-A schools offers a prospect at this time is because another school does.  For example, there was a quarterback recruit last year who had a fantastic senior season.  But after this, an out of state Big 12 school ended up offering him a scholarship.  That prompted the in-state Big 10 school to extend an offer because they didn’t want to lose him.

This had nothing to do with senior tape or video.  Yes, he had an impressive season but the coaches were worried about losing him and they were almost forced into an offer.  This is yet another reason why it is so important to broadcast your scholarship offers.  These offers breed other offers and it showed once again there.

Things can change quickly if a school loses a player due to decommitment or a change in the coaching staff.  These are areas that are unique in every situation because a school will be scrambling when they lose a player due to decommitment.  If the school changes coaches, they are usually so worried about filling the class and having enough players in that class that they are a little more free in extending scholarship offers.  These situations do not happen all that often but must be mentioned in this article.

As far as official visits, that also depends on the school and the coaching staff.  Some schools love to bring in players during a home football game so that the athlete can see the atmosphere and hang out with the players after a big game.  These are obviously during the fall months and depends on the athletes as well.

Other programs like to bring in recruits during December or January.  They bring the recruits to a home basketball game and have them see all of the campus.  The main reason that this happens is so that the coaches can spend more 1-on-1 time.  Giving athletes that attention is very difficult in-season because the coaches are so focused on the games.

Each team has an opportunity to bring in a certain amount of players on official visits and most schools end up with extra visits per NCAA rules.  Because of this, they decide to bring in possible walk ons as well so that they can learn more about the program.  In most situations, the coaches do let the athletes know their status beforehand (or they at least should).

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