I am a junior in the football recruiting process with interest and no scholarship offers currently on the table. What should I be doing right now in November (Part Two)?

I am a junior in the football recruiting process with interest and no scholarship offers. What should I be doing in November (Part Two)?This article is continued from earlier this week.  Please click here to see part one now.

Now go back and take a look at all the correspondence that you have received from college coaches.  Obviously at this stage in the football recruiting process, it will only be letters, questionnaires, and camp invites (you can just throw the camp invites away because they are worthless).

What I would do is take all of the information that you have received and start logging it in a notebook or an excel file (hopefully you have done so already).  Now for the sake of this article, we assume that there have been twenty schools that have sent mail.  Ten have sent repeated letters about their program, five have sent just questionnaires, and five have sent camp invites.  Find the names of the coaches on all the letters and start scouring the Internet for their email addresses.  Expect some of the email addresses listed on their athletic site to go to a secretary and others to go straight to the coach himself.

Once all twenty of the email addresses have been done, take the time to send them an email.  It may be worth giving them a reminder about who you are (don’t assume they know so make sure to include your full name and high school).  Along with the email, attach your recruiting profile and a link to your recruiting highlight video.

If these coaches really had contacted you before, then 100% of them should contact you back and at least acknowledge that they have received your information.  I would expect at least one or two coaches to not get back to you but the smart ones will.  They can use what you sent them to update their recruiting database as well as give an early video evaluation.

If they like it, they will keep recruiting you and considering you.  If not, they move on.  Yes, it sucks when a college coach moves on because you are not good enough but please realize that they will figure this out eventually.  The sooner the better for you so you can move on and find other schools yourself.  It may be because you are targeting Division I-A (BCS) schools and you are a Division II player but don’t get down when colleges stop recruiting you (and yes, this is even if you dreamed your entire life of playing for State University).

See what the response is from the college coaches and again log that with your other recruiting information.  When the evaluation period for junior starts in the spring, you want to be completely confident that they have updated information on you in case they do decide that they want to call and recruit you.  That is why getting this updated recruiting profile can be so beneficial for you overall.

One of the things that could be coming in future months (invites don’t usually go out until at least December, which I will talk about more next month) is Junior Day invites.  I have seen these start as early as January and they basically last until the schools finish up their Spring Games.  Again, I will talk about that more but these Junior Day invites are a good thing overall.

With some college teams still playing games on Saturday, checking out the schools for unofficial visits may be worth doing.  Make sure that the schools you do take trips to are within a car drive away.  Unless a school has offered you a scholarship, do not take a plane ride for an unofficial visit.  You are likely wasting time, money, and will be kicking yourself when the football recruiting process eventually wraps up.

College coaches can offer you three tickets for up to three games per year so this can definitely be worth looking into.  You can take your parents or some friends.  The key here is to get on the campus of a school and check it out.  The free tickets are just a bonus.  There is a decent chance that you will end up being fed on these trips as well as introduced to the coaches as well.  You want to look nice but not too dressed up if you decide to go.

The other thing that you may want to do now is start finding other schools to market yourself too.  Go back into The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer and there is plenty of information about finding new programs that may interest you.  It is great to have a school start recruiting you but finding programs yourself that may never recruit your state could eventually be huge for you down the road.

You want to keep your options open at all levels.  With no offers, you have no clue how the next fourteen months of your life are going to play out.  So look into Division I, II, and III schools.  If grades are a question, also consider Junior Colleges and NAIA programs.

When marketing yourself to schools, please make sure that you are not mass emailing any coach you can find.  Take the time to research the schools and email the coaches specifically about what interested you about their school.  Doing that will definitely be a benefit for you when all is said and done.

As a junior, you have a ton of time in the football recruiting process.  But instead of sitting on your butt now and scrambling later, get things done right now.  Make a recruiting tape (see www.highlight-videos.com), update your recruiting profile, visit local schools, and market yourself to new programs.  Doing this will really help later on in the year.

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