I am a senior battling it out in the football recruiting process with scholarship offers. What should I be doing in November (Part One)?

I am a senior in the football recruiting process with scholarship offers. What should I be doing in November (Part One)?After coming out last week with what a senior should do has interest but no offers during the football recruiting process, we thought now would be a good time to talk about what a senior with scholarships should be doing in November.  There are only a few more months before Signing Day so before you know it you will likely be signing your Letter of Intent.

If you do have offer/offers (preferably written instead of verbal) on the table, the first thing you need to do right now is be extremely thankful.  You are in a position that many other athletes aspire for and yet cannot reach.  I could careless if the offer is from USC or the local Junior College, having an offer this early even from the worst school in the country is a great thing to have.

What this scholarship gives you is leverage.  What I mean by that is an offer at any level will make college coaches take a longer look at you than those without one.  The reason is because coaches always want to know what is going on with the recruiting of their peers.  If one offers you a scholarship, then they must have seen something that is scholarship worthy.  These other coaches will also dissect your film and evaluate you longer than another prospect if they know that this offer is really on the table.  If it is from a conference rival, that only adds to the intensity of the evaluation.

This leverage of an offer can be used by making sure all the college coaches that are recruiting you is aware of this offer.  It can be an email or mentioned in a phone call but getting word out about this scholarship needs to be done.  One great way to do it is find a connection in the media that will help you out.  As I have said before, if you do this, have enough character to follow through with this writer during the entire football recruiting process.  I have seen a number of athletes try and work the media to their advantage and then they don’t have the character to help that person out.  If you are reading this article, then you care enough about the entire process that you wouldn’t do anything like that (I would hope).

I have written this before but it can be a newspaper writer, someone from Scout, Rivals, ESPN, 247Sports., or anywhere else.  The word about an offer needs to hit the street and people need to be aware of it.  College coaches and their staffs are very savvy and follow enough outlets to know when an athlete that they are serious about gets an offer.  So make sure your media guy gets the attention out on their site/newspaper.

Having a scholarship offer again puts the ball in your court simply because other schools that are just recruiting you and haven’t offered will have to make a decision.  Do they feel comfortable with where they sit in landing another recruit at your position?  For the athletes they have offered at linebacker (because that is where you play in this story), if their other recruits are leaning elsewhere and a conference rival suddenly throws an offer on your lap, in a lot of situation they will step up with a scholarship.

I have seen this over and over again throughout the recruiting process.  One college that I have followed does really have a lengthy evaluation process.  They are lucky to get away with it because they are the big deal in-state and normally have their pick at any and all in-state kids.  Two kids that they landed and actually both will be starting for them soon received an offers from two schools that really made State University think.  One athlete received an offer from an in-conference rival while the other player saw a scholarship come from a major program in a bordering state.  This in-state program eventually stepped up but their hands were almost forced in both situations.  So the importance of getting the word out is pretty obvious.

Once word is out, your next decision needs to be regarding a recruiting highlight video.  With the right offer on the table, you may be able to get away without making one.  That would save either time or money but again, it depends on the offer.  If you have a major Division I-A (BCS) scholarship from one of the big six conference schools, then speaking with college coaches and sending out full game film may work.

What you should do in this situation is speak with the coaches who are still recruiting you but haven’t offered and see what they are looking for.  If the overwhelming majority want a highlight tape, then doing so would likely be worth it.  If you were a camp junkie during the summer and traveled the country, then the coaches may just want full game tape to see your improvement and watch if you take any plays offs.  If you are happy with your offer/offers as well as interest at this point, then making a recruiting highlight video is not completely needed.

If you are not thrilled with your offer and/or your attention at this point, then I would push you towards getting a video done (see www.highlight-videos.com for more).  Your scholarship will likely open some doors with certain schools but if you are not satisfied with where the football recruiting process sits at this point, spending the money or taking the time to do it must be done and done quickly.  Right now, it is less than three months away from Signing Day so time really is limited.

This new and updated highlight video will allow you to showcase your senior year abilities to college coaches.  Instead of sending out an older tape, the updated version should allow coaches to see the strides you made over the off-season.  Make sure to get this online so that you can use it during the marketing process.

Look for part two on Wednesday!

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