I am a senior battling it out in the football recruiting process with scholarship offers. What should I be doing in November (Part Two)?

I am a senior in the football recruiting process with scholarship offers. What should I be doing in November (Part Two)?This is the second part of an article that was continued from last Monday.  Please Click Here Now to see the first part of the article.

If you are not thrilled with your offer and/or your attention at this point, then I would push you towards getting a video done (see www.highlight-videos.com for more).  Your scholarship will likely open some doors with certain schools but if you are not satisfied with where the football recruiting process sits at this point, spending the money or taking the time to do it must be done and done quickly.  Right now, it is less than three months away from Signing Day so time really is limited.

This new and updated highlight video will allow you to showcase your senior year abilities to college coaches.  Instead of sending out an older tape, the updated version should allow coaches to see the strides you made over the off-season.  Make sure to get this online so that you can use it during the marketing process.

Again, if you are unhappy with where you sit in the football recruiting process (which can happen even with offers on the table), you will need to go back through The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer.  Instead of building a recruiting profile from scratch, you will need to dust it off and update it with your new senior year information.  Once that is all complete, you can send that to the coaches that are recruiting you and haven’t offered as well as the new coaches you will soon be finding.

Take some time with the entire family and start searching the Internet for schools that may match you.  If you did this six months ago, I will promise you that a teenager will have likely changed their thoughts on a number of different things.  So find out what the athlete (not the parent!) wants in a school and then search for it.  Pick a good number of new schools at a variety of levels and then market yourself to them with your updated recruiting profile.  Send them links of your highlight video online and make sure to drop word that you do have an offer.

The last thing you should be doing is speaking with the coaches about official visits.  You will likely want to make a decision soon so scheduling out your official visits after their season is over would be something that is definitely worth doing.  If the coaches don’t bring it up on the phone, then you should yourself.  Ask them about when they normally take place and how they work.  Chances are that if they are calling, then there is a chance that an official visit can take place.

If you are interested in the depth chart and what other players they are recruiting, you can ask them as well.  This could give you a better opportunity to see what is going on in the recruiting process for that school.  Yes, there may be some of the coach speak but that happens.  See what they say and log what they are telling you.  That will allow you an opportunity to see if they are always being honest with you.

Again, having a scholarship offer from any school in the country is a great thing.  It opens the door for new schools and will make things very interesting for you over the next three months.  So keep working hard, be patient, and expect to hear hundreds of coaching clichés over and over again before Signing Day from the schools that haven’t offered.

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