It is important to realize that the Athletic Recruiting Process will almost never take care of itself

The Athletic Recruiting Process will almost never take care of itselfIt almost seems like a broken record that I hear when talking to athletes.  They have been saying the same thing over, and over, and over again throughout the last decade.  It all starts when they are asked about the athletic recruiting process and which schools are showing them interest.  It happens in all sports and usually seems to be very similar every time.  It goes something like this:

There have been some schools sending mail but I haven’t really had time for that.  I am focusing on the season and will focus on it afterwards.  That is when it will take care of itself.

Whenever I hear someone stammering and seemingly making up excuses about the athletic recruiting process, it is obvious that they are lightly being recruited.  After more questions with this athlete, I found out that he basically had interest from two schools.  This athlete is putting up ridiculous numbers for a very good team and yet two schools are recruiting him.  That is it.

And this is exactly what happens when you think that the athletic recruiting process will take care of itself.  People are still crazy enough to believe that college coaches will always find the best athletes.  Major college coaches only find athletes who are freaks of nature.

After seeing the Reggie Bush high school highlight tape years ago, this really was an athlete who had the football recruiting process take care of itself.  Bush was such an amazing high school player that seeing his full game tapes would make schools across the country throw scholarships his way.  It didn’t matter if he did a good job marketing.  If a few coaches figured it out and saw his tape, the recruiting battle for Bush would have been fierce.

But if you are visiting this site, I hate to break it to you but I assume that you are not a freak of nature.  You are likely someone who hopes to get a college scholarship.  And the only way to do that is by marketing yourself, putting a good deal of time in, and proving to college coaches that you are worthy of it.  This will unfortunately not be an overnight process where bang, my scholarships are here so I will commit to USC over Florida.

As for this athlete, here is what I would do if my son was in his shoes.  First off, there is nothing he can do about the past.  He has two schools recruiting him and that is great.  Now he needs to broaden his search and find more programs that are interested in his abilities.

Because his interest is limited in one large school and one small school, he might as well throw out a very broad net to college in his state as well as those surrounding his state.  He needs to figure out what he wants to in a program both athletically and academically then do his research.

Once that is done, he will need to update his recruiting profile.  As mentioned above, he has done a great job this season and will be on a number of All State teams.  Get that and updated stats included and start sending it out to new schools.  This athlete should also start getting things together on the highlight video front (see if you need one yourself) because that senior tape will be vital for a player in his shoes.

After the season ends, get this all going and start making visits.  See what is out there and get a feel for different schools all over.  Don’t be satisfied with what you got and don’t assume things will take care of themselves.  I have seen too many cases where things do not take care of themselves so get to work!

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