Video does not lie in the athletic recruiting process and how all the stats and numbers don’t really matter in the end

Video does not lie in the athletic recruiting processWhen talking about the athletic recruiting process for all sports, there is no doubt in my mind that highlight and game videos are a very essential part to getting that elusive scholarship.  If college coaches feel you may be scholarship worthy, they will nitpick every second of these videos.  And even if you do all that you can to just show your highlights or only send certain full game tape, the video does not lie.

I recently had a chance to see a recruiting letter that was sent by a Division I college that requested video.  Even though this was not a major school, the line that stuck out to me is simply that video does not lie.  What did they mean by this?  They meant that if they get their hands on your video and have a chance to take a look at it, they can tell rather quickly if you can play at their level or not.  With athletic highlights, there are no smoke and mirrors that can turn a Division III player to a Division I scholarship athlete.

What this also means is that no matter where you look to produce a highlight video, all the interviews and special effects will not mean anything.  I have seen so many different athletes spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on highlight videos to add stuff that does not factor in.  Yes, the video may be more of a keepsake in the future but what you have to ask yourself is will this help me get a scholarship?

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Is adding an interview of me on the highlight video going to help me get a scholarship?  No, it won’t help at all.  You can give the greatest speech ever known on the video but that doesn’t mean college coaches will come rushing to the door with offers.  That is why they call them highlight videos.  They are not asking you to send a highlight video plus an in-depth interview.  In most situations, coaches don’t have the time to even waste watching the interview portion.

Going back to the actual video highlights, there is no doubt in my mind that these videos will not lie.  Most college coaches have the ability to see a player and with thirty seconds figure out if they can play at their level.  If they are good enough, then great.  The player has a chance to be recruited by this school.  While it may not end with a scholarship offer, the coach knows rather quickly after watching the video.

The same can be said about an athlete going to camps during the summer.  You may be slowed by an injury, have mono, or any number of different excuses.  But if you can play at level, the coaches will know quickly.  And if they feel you can play at that level with a scholarship offer on the table, then they will react even quicker.

The athletic recruiting process is a difficult time but you have to know that if you have gotten your tape out to countless coaches throughout the country, and there is no response, that has to be a reason why.  My guess is that the video doesn’t lie and you should set your sights on smaller schools.

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