I am a senior and a certain college football program has requested film but has not called me yet. Where do they sit?

I am a senior and a a college football program has requested film but hasn't called.  Where do they sit?This is a very interesting scenario.  The athlete that was mentioned above seemed to completely focused on basketball and continuing his career there at the college level.  But after not signing in the fall, this player now has more options as to what sport he wants to play.

He hasn’t received much mail recently for football and hasn’t had any calls.  But he does have Division I college coaches requesting film from his coach.  Why would a school request film if they are not interested enough to call?  Will calls start after the film goes out?

This scenario has not completely played out so I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen here.  It just doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense but what may be throwing a wrench into the entire situation is the fact that he plays multiple sports and basketball could have been hindering his football recruiting.

Because there are so many unknowns, if you are in this situation, what I would do is figuring out which schools did end up requesting tape.  Research each one of those schools and after about two weeks, email their recruiting coordinator.

You want to make sure that he is aware of the interest that you have in their school so make sure to not write a boring mass email that is obvious when reading it.  The email you want to send should have specific mentions about their school, facilities, and what they have to offer academically.

This is not a sure fire way to get a scholarship but a college coach will be much more impressed seeing a recruit actually do his homework then brag up some stats and tell you that they are interested in your program.  So are thousands of other kids so this could be a way to distinguish yourself.

Make sure to mention in the email that your coach sent tape on a certain date recently and you were wondering what they thought.  Expect some coach speak (or coach type in the email) about how they are really busy and they are still trying to evaluate their final needs for the Class of 2013.

Continue to stay on top of it and try to get a feel for where you sit.  These schools may be trying to add you as a potential walk-on and they want to see you in action.  Your coach may also have called them and sent tape to them but labeled it as them requesting game tapes.

You should know quickly which colleges really are interested in you.  If none call, then you basically have no recruiting attention at this point in the athletic recruiting process.  Calls are so vital for all sports at this time of the year for seniors.  So if you are not getting any, you really need to go back to square one and market yourself to some new schools as soon as possible.  See The Five Steps to a Scholarship for more on this.

This really is a strange situation but contacting coaches yourself via email and judging which schools are calling can give you a better feel for where you sit overall.

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