Persistance, focus, and using this site can help your family dominate during the recruiting process

The amount of scholarships on the table in football recruiting does play a factorI received this fantastic email how a reader used this site to get to the college she wanted.  Here is what it said:

I have been receiving your Recruiting 101 newsletter for over a year now, and though my daughter is a field hockey goalie I have used your information to help her through the recruiting process.

Though she wanted division 1 she kept all options open.   She mainly focused on lower level D1 and local D2 and D3 schools who looked like they would have need for another goalie.  She sent out resumes and a link to her highlight video on Youtube to dozens of colleges, and was sending updates about accolades as they came up.

Though there were numerous visits and some overnights many did not work out, one school was too tough a school to get into, one too far away, one scholarship money was gone, or not available (D3s).  Though she had many offers to play D3 and one at a D2 she was getting discouraged that her dream to play D1 was just not going to work out.

However, her persistence paid off, and late in the fall season she sent an article that had been written about her in a local paper to one of the D1 schools she had sent to before, but had never responded back to her.  This time they took notice and had her up for a “clinic” it was 6 goalies from one each from Long Island, NJ, Maine, NH, PA, NY and one from Toronto, so this clinic was kind of a tryout.  A week later she received a call to come back for an unofficial visit, things went well and she just accepted an offer from from this school which happens to be a top 20 division 1 field hockey program.

Your insights about getting info out there really was the key to getting the break she needed, thanks for the help.

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