Should you wait on your high school coach to make a highlight video? What if he has already promised it?

highlight video, highlight dvd, football recruiting, basketball recruitingWhen requesting highlight videos from athletes, one thing I often hear from them is that they are waiting until their coaches get done putting it together. For families where money is an issue, this is probably a smart thing to do. But for those who have college programs requesting tape, it may be smart to have it made by a professional.

In order to have a highlight video professionally made, your family will either have to have the computer skills and knowledge to do it yourself (Unfortunately, most families don’t and they waste a lot of time and money trying) or the finances to pay for it to be done. If either one of those is the case, I would strongly recommend going that route.

Let me say that this article is not to rip on high school coaches as being lazy or unable to do it. The majority of coaches who have told athletes that they can do it eventually come through. It just takes a little longer than most impatient high school athletes want to wait. And no matter what type of product the coach finishes with, the athlete will basically be stuck with it. You can’t complain if the coach is doing it for free.

The reason why I wouldn’t rely on a high school coach doing this is because they have a life as well. Chances are good that they teach or have a full time job within the community. Throw on top of that planning for the next season, checking in with players, making sure they are getting into the weight room, talking to college coaches, and their own family. That means these coaches are already spread thin without trying to add going through all of the game tapes to put this highlight video together.

One of the most important steps in putting together a highlight tape is securing footage. Unless your parents or a friend did it themselves, you will need to speak to your head coach about how to get your hands on some game tape. Even if they have offered to make it themselves, you can decline but make sure to speak with them about getting those tapes.

If you do either do it yourself or have it professionally made, it gives you more control over the process. You may feel differently about a certain game that the coach wants to include. If you do it yourself or are paying someone to do it, you basically call the shots and tell them what you are looking for in your highlight video.

One advantage I have seen in professionally made highlight videos is that it is professional in all aspects. Here is a quick example regarding this. A site like includes a DVD cover, a DVD case, and a DVD menu that is all professionally made. I have seen many times in the past that a DVD made by a coach or a family will have the player’s name written on the DVD with a sharpie marker. Sometimes they forget to put the player’s number so it is a guessing game at times.

These aspects of the highlight video may not get you a scholarship but it does help you present yourself as professional as possible. I have talked about it before but the recruiting process is like an extended job interview. During visits and conversations, you want to put on your professional front. And no offense to the sharpie marker, but that is not a professional product.

In the end, it really depends situationally if you should go another route instead of your high school coach. Are you for sure that the coach has done it for players in the past? For example, there are some high schools that have an assistant coach that has been doing it for years. If you can see his work from before, then it is a huge advantage if you want to go that route or not.

If the coach also gets new software or hardware that he is not used to but promises to make it for you, it is anyone’s guess as if it will come through. I have also heard many recruits rely on friends to put the tape together. In most of the situations, the athlete has to go elsewhere in the end because either the first product was bad or the person never comes through. That is why if my child was in the situation, even if it cost a little more, I would want to take control of the situation and be in charge of the tapes. That would allow be the ability to know exactly what was going on, how long it would take, and how quickly the video could be sent to college coaches.

If you are in need of a professional DVD, make sure to check out They offer high quality videos for a low cost to the consumer. You can also search google as well to find other companies. If you are paying anywhere near a thousand dollars for a DVD, then you are being taken. Just a little reminder.

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