Being “Self Recruited” throughout the athletic recruiting process and how this should be what you do to get a scholarship offer

Being "Self Recruited" throughout the athletic recruiting processA few weeks back, I was writing on a different website about how a talented football recruit was receiving Division I attention from a number of schools throughout the country.  This was a player who has testing numbers off of the chart and has had a decent amount of success on the football field as well.

But when mentioning him, someone else brought up the fact that they felt he was “self recruited.”  What they meant by “self recruited” is that this athlete was the one contacting college coaches.  This prospect was sending out his recruiting profiles, links to video, and just about everything that has been mentioned before on this website.  And while some may feel being “self recruited” is a bad thing, it is a lot of what I write about here.

The one thing I know about this situation is that the athlete can play.  He is extremely talented and will likely end up with a college scholarship at some level, especially considering his testing numbers are off the chart.  One thing I assume is that the person trying to rip on him for being “self recruited” likely still feels that the old saying, if you are good enough, they’ll find you, is true.

My feeling on that saying is the schools that will find you are Division III programs that will be unable to offer you an athletic scholarship.  What that means it that tuition will be much more expensive and the overall level of play will be lower than that at the Division II level.  That is a major reason why marketing yourself into a “self recruited” athlete is important.

If you follow what I have already written in The Five Steps to a Scholarship Offer, this will give you the best chance to earn a college scholarship in the sport of your choice.  No, it is not a promise that you will end up with a scholarship.  That decision is up to the college coaches.  These steps will give your video and abilities the best chance to be evaluated by a coach, which in turn can help you receive a scholarship offer.

Following these steps may also be a reason as to why you are considered “self recruited.”  Again, I have to stress that I feel strongly that there is nothing wrong with being “self recruited.”  Getting your information and video out to college coaches who would have not recruited you beforehand is a huge step in the right direction during the athletic recruiting process.

So if you are in a situation for any sport and want more attention, then going through The Five Steps to a Scholarship is the way to go.  Some coaches will get back to you and others won’t.  That unfortunately is the way that things work in the recruiting process.  But the key is to put yourself in the best situation that you can.

Realize that if you do this, there may be people that talk badly about how you market yourself to college coaches.  But because what I talk about is inexpensive for the most part, anyone can do it.  You may come from a low income with dreams of a college scholarship.  That is why being a “self recruit” is the way to go, no matter what demographic your family comes from.

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