10 things to do if you are a senior and have an athletic scholarship offer sitting on the table

10 things to do if you are a senior and have an athletic scholarship offerIf you are a senior in the football recruiting process or other sports for that matter, my hope for you is that you are holding at least one scholarship offer.  Obviously this will not be the case for everyone in their final year of high school but having that offer on the table definitely will be a stress reliever knowing that at least part of your college education paid for.

But what should I be doing with that offer?  Should I be quietly reading over the paper work again and again as I hope more will come?  We have put together a list of ten different things that you should be doing if you are a senior holding a scholarship offer at this point in the athletic recruiting process.

1.) Market it to other college coaches
One of the biggest reasons why colleges offer late in the process is because many of their top recruits get offers from other big schools.  Do whatever you can to let them know that an offer is on the table from other schools.

2.) Market it to your media sources
If you have followed what we have talked about on this site, you should have media connections.  If they have taken the time to write articles on you, give them updates regarding offers and visits.  They should help pub both for you.

3.) If you haven’t done so already, talk to the college coaches about taking an official visit
Getting onto their campus will give you a better look at what the college coaches are offering and what the school is all about.  If they offered, they will want you for an official.

4.) Apply to the schools that have offered
Actually filling out the paperwork may be a formality but it is still something you need to do.  So pay the fee and make sure that you get accepted at that program.

5.) Try to figure out your total costs of going to that school (including tuition, room, board, books, etc.)
You will likely to be accepted at the school, have already filled out a FAFSA, and know exactly how much scholarship money that they school will be offering athletically as well as academically.  This can then give you a better feel of the total out of pocket costs that you will have at the school.

6.) Strongly research your considered majors at this school
Figure out a few areas that you are really passionate about.  Then see what the school has available and if those would be that field.  I hate to say it but if they don’t have anything you are interested, going there may be a waste of time.

7.) Figure out where they want you to play and research depth chart and potential incoming recruits
If it is a scholarship school, then you will likely be able to do research on their website and on the unofficial message boards that there are around the net.  Doing this is a great way to get a better feel for what recruits they are bringing in and if you have a chance to see early playing time.

8.) Do what you can to build a relationship with the coaches, especially your position coach
These coaches are a vital part to your decision.  The better you get to know them, the better it will be for you when making a decision.

9.) Try to see what the game day atmosphere is like
Officials are great but if the school has offered you a scholarship and you are interesting, taking an unofficial trip would also be worth it.  This game day atmosphere needs to be seen, not described.

10.) Be extremely thankful
Make sure to say thank you to all those that helped you along the way.  The position you are in is something that many dream of but few get a chance to experience.

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