Bringing too much cake to the party during the athletic recruiting process is a great analogy

Bringing too much cake to the party during the athletic recruiting processIn one of the stranger article titles that I have written on this site, let me stress that there is actually a point to what was said and the entire article.  The reason I decided to put this article together was because of one of the most interesting quotes that I have read regarding an athlete and the recruiting process.  This standout had multiple scholarship offers.  That included one from Ole Miss.  The problem is this recruit decided to turn down the Rebels because of having too much cake.  Here is what he meant by that:

“I have an offer from Ole Miss, but Ole Miss had a couple defensive ends commit and that would be bringing too much cake to the party if I go down there.”

This recruit was savvy enough to use sites like Rivals and Scout and follow the football recruiting process of the schools that are recruiting him.  He followed the defensive ends that Ole Miss has received commitments from and also followed the depth chart as well.  But because that is the main position that he plays, why would he go there if there is going to be too much cake, or otherwise called too many players at his position to compete with.

I don’t know what it was about this quote that really stood out to me.  At first, it made me laugh because you don’t hear a whole lot of high schoolers saying things like that.  But at the same time, it made complete sense and is something to really think about when looking at schools during the recruiting process.  It doesn’t matter if you are playing soccer at the Division III level or basketball in Junior College.

For many Division I athletes, they have spent their careers being the best at whatever they did.  Many have played both ways in their prep days and excelled in multiple sports as well.  If you are in that case and hoping for a Division I scholarship offer, would you be happy sitting the bench for three or four years then maybe seeing the field for one or two seasons?  That is why it is essential to look into how much cake there is at the party, or otherwise known as the depth chart and the recruits that the schools are bringing in.

There are two main ways that you can figure out what schools are recruiting what athletes at different positions.  The first is to do research yourself.  Like I said, use Scout, ESPN, Rivals, local newspaper to the school, and anything else you can think of.  The larger the school, the more information there will be.  At a school in the SEC like Ole Miss, it is very, very easy to find commitment lists for any class.  It took me twenty seconds to find out who the Rebels currently have committed and what their positions rae.  Think about what would happen if you actually took an hour and did some research?

Again, it is easier for the BCS schools.  Mountain West, Conference USA, and other conferences like this may be a little harder and the lists may not be as accurate.  That is why it is worth looking into both Rivals/Scout then local newspapers.  Sometimes the local newspaper coverage is better but it really depends on the situation.

The second way to find out how much cake is at the party is to ask the college coaches recruiting you.  If you are already committed, ask them about who they are recruiting and what positions they play.  If you are not committed and have a scholarship offer, then try to get a feel for who else they are after and how many other athletes have scholarships.  With no offer, good luck trying to get that information.

Again, this quote may stick out as an interesting analogy but it makes a lot of sense.  Most athletes don’t want to go to a school if they are crowded at the only position they play.  And if playing that spot makes you happy, then it may be smart to look elsewhere at schools in desperate need of any cake at all. 

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