There is little doubt that it is harder to get college looks when breaking out as a senior

It is harder to get college looks when breaking out as a seniorThe easiest way to get recruited and stay recruited during your high school career is get to the varsity level early and make a name for yourself. By doing this, it makes it easier for you to get your name out to college coaches. The problem with that situation is that for all athletes, that never works.

Athletes peak at different times. Some may be more developed than others in their grade that they have the body type needed to play varsity as a freshman. But for others who develop slower or have a standout in front of them, it is hard to really jump onto the recruiting scene. What makes it worse that the senior year is not the season you hope to break out in.

There are a ton of reasons why this is not the time. The first example is in football. Say you spent the year behind an All Stater and rarely saw playing time. As a senior, you finally get a chance to step in and make a name for yourself. But if your season ends in November or December, time is quick between your final down and Signing Day.

Football players who break out as seniors also lack the opportunity to showcase their skills at camps and combines. For those events, they are for athlete heading into their senior season.

Basketball players have a similar problem. For those breaking out, they obviously are not going to be signing in the fall. So if they break out and post some huge numbers, college coaches could question their competition and why they didn’t do it earlier in their career.

As with football, the basketball season ends so close to the Spring Signing Day. That makes it difficult to prove to college coaches that you have what it takes to play at a major college.

For athletes, the best time to make a name for yourself is as early as possible. There is nothing wrong with dominating as a junior because you have an opportunity to attend camps, combines, and send out film.

Many of the top athletes in the country actually don’t have as good of a senior season statistically as their junior year. Obviously it depends case to case but with a potential scholarship offer on the table, you are more likely to play through pain and injuries. Also, you normally cannot control injuries and you just never know what is going to happen.

That is why if you have any control of it, it is better to have outstanding seasons early in your varsity career. Yes, you can still get recruited later on, but the latest you take to excel, the harder it is get recruited by major schools.

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