Does athletic recruiting really slow down in season or is that a recruiting myth? Can I use it as a viable excuse?

Does athletic recruiting really slow down in season or is that a recruiting myth?For whatever reason, I hear a lot of different excuses from athletes regarding their athletic recruiting attention.  Some will say that they have been focusing on the season so they haven’t had much time for the recruiting process.  Others will say that the are waiting to break out during the upcoming season and that should help them.

While I obviously disagree with all the excuses in the world regarding a lack of recruiting interest, one interesting comment that I have heard more than once is that recruiting has slowed down because the school is in-season.  For example, high school basketball players have that excuse now and football players had it in the fall.  But is this a myth or is it something that rings true?

At the college level, no matter what sport it is, college coaches are going to be extremely busy because they are in-season.  With the time they are now dedicating to practice preparation, practice, film breakdown, game preparation, travel, and a number of other areas that are added to their daily schedule in-season, the amount of time that they can devote to recruiting should be less than what it was prior.

However, at the major Division I level, it is usually the assistant coaches and the head coach who are consumed by these things.  The recruiting is now left up to the graduate assists in the program.  While the actual coaches may approve what is sent, these GAs are given an important role in the recruiting process and want to continue showing their top recruiting targets attention.

Think about this for a second; if a college coaching staff really wants a recruit, do you really think they are going to go a few weeks without sending him letters and/or calling them?  Recruiting is a vital piece of college athletics simply because you can’t win a national title with marginal talent, no matter how great of a coach they have.

In the end, I feel strongly that this is a myth.  College coaches find time to deal with the recruiting process.  These coaches may put the full court press on during the summer when their focus is camps and travel teams.  But in-season, if you are a high priority on their recruiting list, there is no doubt that they are still going to make sure to show you that you are important to them.

I do believe that the amount of attention that you receive from this school will be less it is out of season.  That is just the way it goes in most situations.  But again, coaches know the importance of recruiting.  If they want to keep their job in coming years, they may not see their family much in-season but they will make sure that recruits know they are wanted.

College football and basketball coaches throughout the country travel during the year to see players live in action.  They do this to evaluate the athlete as well as make sure that the athlete knows how important they are to them in the recruiting process.  So if you hear someone tell you their recruiting interest has faded because college coaches are in-season, don’t buy it.  The truth is likely that those coaches are not interested in the athlete.

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