The five things that you much strongly consider when thinking about regarding a future college

The five things that you really should think about regarding a future collegeMost athletes state that the biggest factors in a college decision are location, playing time, and money.  While all of these should play a role into your final college decision, I personally don’t believe that these should be among the very top things that you are looking for on your college search.

So I have come up with what I think should be the five biggest things in your search for a home over the next four or five years.  While you may not agree with these, athletes need to take a look at this list and at least be aware of what I am talking about.  Seeing these may give you a different perspective on the overall athletic recruiting process.

Note: Let me say that all 16-18 year olds are prone to changing their mind.  But if they are savvy enough to find this site and use it during the recruiting process, then they should know what they are interested in and have a good feel on their line of thinking.

1.) That they offer the major that you are interested in
What you want to do for your career should trump everything in terms of a college search.  It will be what you are doing the next forty years of your life so it is probably worth it to pick a school that has a major you are interested in.

2.) If you can/cannot stand being far away from your family
Location is crucial.  Some athletes can go across the country and have no problem while others may think two hours away is too far.  It is hard to figure out but something to strongly consider.

3.) The overall costs involved with going to the school each year
The money that either your parents are paying for (if you are lucky) or you will be repaying in student loans adds up very quickly over four years.  Make sure you know exactly what your tuition costs as well as room and board.

4.) Your chances of seeing playing time early
For those athletes who are always on the court, could you really go to a program and be happy while sitting for three years?  This is definitely a tough thing to think about.

5.) The overall success of the team
The more wins a team gets, the happier most athletes are.  Playing for a losing program is difficult and something that is tough to swallow at times.

These are just five things to at least look at.  There are many others but these should certainly be considered before making a final call on your college decision.

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